You won’t believe which Supreme Court Justice is about to get impeached

Photo by Daderot via (CC0 1.0)

The Democrat Party’s assault on democracy is spiraling out of control.

All hell is about to break loose.

And you won’t believe which Supreme Court Justice is about to get impeached.

This past April, Wisconsin saw the most expensive Supreme Court election in history.

Outside groups poured over $51 million into this race, the majority supporting radical Left-wing candidate Janet Protasiewicz.

Supreme Court elections in Wisconsin are supposed to be nonpartisan, but to supercharge liberal turnout Protasiewicz campaigned against the district maps Republicans drew in 2011 calling them “rigged” and “unfair” because Republicans currently hold a 64-35 majority in the State House and a 22-11 majority in the State Senate.

Thanks to the deluge of money pouring in to support her candidacy Protasiewicz won the election and flipped control of the Supreme Court to a 4-3 liberal majority.

Left-wing groups knew they installed a ringer on the court and promptly sued, knowing Protasiewicz provided the key to throw out the old maps and replace them with district maps that would cement a permanent Democrat majority in the state legislature.

Republicans called on Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz to recuse herself from this case.

Protasiewicz refused.

That left Republicans in the state legislature no choice but to proceed with impeachment as Protasiewicz stopped acting like a judge and was instead conducting herself like a partisan activist.

Republican Speaker of the State House Robin Vos announced the creation of a panel to devise a path forward on impeachment.

“When you’re saying that one side has rigged maps, you have made a decision that maps in her opinion are biased, which is the point of the whole case,” Vos told the Associated Press. “She shouldn’t have said what she did, but she did. And now she has to own it.”

Prominent Wisconsin Republicans backed the impeachment effort.

“If she does not remove herself from the case, the members of the State Assembly should vote to impeach Justice Protasiewicz,” former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker explained.

“She obviously should recuse herself from any redistricting case, and if she doesn’t, the Legislature has the ability” to impeach Protasiewicz, Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson said in a statement to The New York Times. “I hope they would.”

Democrats consider anybody they don’t hold power in or any election they don’t win “illegitimate.”

That’s why Protasiewicz broke the norm of campaigning on how she would rule in a future case that could hand the Democrats permanent and total control over the state of Wisconsin.

And impeachment may be the GOP’s only remedy.