You won’t believe who called out Hillary Clinton for a massive lie

Hillary Clinton lies. A lot.

But this time she got caught.

And you won’t believe who called her out.

Liberals like Senator Kamala Harris face planted during Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

She put out a video claiming Kavanaugh called birth control “abortion inducing drugs.”

The only problem was Harris edited the video of Kavanaugh’s testimony.

He was reciting the definition given by one of the parties arguing a case.

Kavanaugh was not offering his own opinion.

Even left-wing groups like Politifact said Harris was lying about Kavanaugh.

Six days later Hillary Clinton tweeted out this debunked lie.

This was typical Hillary Clinton.

She repeated a lie that had been debunked six days prior.

It was so bad that even someone from the fake news Washington Post had to call her out.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.



  1. Of course she is a liar, scary thing is, how easy she lies and u suspect she believes her own lies! Slick silly is a rapist & a woman abuser but it’s Kilillay that is truly the evil one in that sham of a marriage. Any one or any thing that gets in her way of her reaching her ultimate goals, she either has them silenced, has them killed or shuts them down by any means necessary. Remember Seth Rich, how about White Water deaths and even the suicide by her long time lover who could no longer live with the coverups he was in charge of? I believe God has a special plan for her evil doings & I suspect it will be very hot where she ends up. Hotter than Haiti, the same Haiti sge was to donate charitable dollars that never made it to those poor people and the reason the Haitiians can’t stomach her or her fake foundstion that only gave 6% to their much needed recipients – NONE TO HAITI THOUGH.most believe the money paid for Chelsea’s elaborate wedding, go figure!


  2. I think Hillary should take a long vacation, she is looking more haggard than usual these days! I wonder if the myriad lies that she told are taking a toll or if she might be ill?

    • Let us hope she is ill and won’t last lone enough yo be prosecuted. I don’t think I could stand too here her lie on ever news channel for years trying be to get out of prison.

  3. The Hildabeast looks good in orange, replace the gold bracelet with iron handcuff they use on their plantation and a trip to Gittmo, the world would be a much better place…..

  4. Killary wouldn’t know the truth if it squarely hit her smack dab in her ugly mug. She has spent a lifetime of lying, cheating & covering up her wringdoung – it’s not in her to know what truth is!
    Look at Uranium one, selling 20% of our uranium to Russia. What was her reason for that. Promising to keep our Uranium in the us, don’t forget, we are short of Uranium & now we know this Uranium has been moved out of the US & no one even knows WHERE it has ended up?? Thank God she did not get elected, she wound probably sell off all of our Uranium and probably to our adversarues. Can you say her desire to create a one world govt? This pig is a complete global evenomy?
    Go away Killary, and take your Billy & Chelsea with you…

  5. These low life’s do not consider what they say as lying. They will smile and say it is about winning. Win at all cost is their motto. Harry Reid lied about Romney. After the election he was confronted. He admitted he knew st the time it was s lie, but he SMILED and said, “Romney lost did he not. It worked I won.”

  6. Crooked Hillary is a member of the Democratic Communist Party and she will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. She is and has been a pathological liar all the way from cradle to grave. Her husband is no better, they were made for each other. Remember this, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Communism. Sincerely, Martin Korab



      • Are you referring to our beloved Hil(liar)y, or to Hill(Billy) Clinton? Makes no difference they are one and the same. If she ever told the truth, God would most likely pass out!

      • You don’t full READ the article and realize that Hilary is being called into account for false into, and you just put out a statement she is a murderer. Where are YOUR facts, and I am sure you are doing WORSE by your lie than what Hillary has been fact checked about.

        If Hillary was stupid, and she was like the very best student at Yale Law School, one of the best law schools in the world, then how is it she went toe-to-toe with all the congressmen like Try Gowdy and a committee of others, and completely unraveled the “best” the GOP had at the Bengazi hearing. Despite trying as hard as they could, they did not get ONE THING on Hillary, and she made them look like 1st year high school debaters.

        • Ric B, We can count on you for rambling liberal lies and nonsense. Some things whether included in an article or not bug people and they need to write about it. If you and other liberals did’t live in your sheltered little world you would learn a lot more about your beloved HRC.

        • Ric it’s all coming together for that bitch to face justice. Perhaps not for murder. But the Clinton foundation will be exposed for the crime mob that it is

          • Amen to Hillary being an untrustworthy lady (loosely termed due to my upbringing “if u can’t say something nice say nothing at all” OK she’s female??

        • You do not believe all that Democrats propaganda you are saying. Blue Collar criminals are usually very intelligent. That is how they get away with their crimes. In my opinion she certainly did not stand up to Dowdy. She simply lied are did not answer . She also had the elite in the FBI helping her. Name one other person that has had 30 plus close friends die unnatural deaths. She is a great lawyer because she is immoral. She laughs and brags about getting a man off that raped a child and admits she knew he was guilty. What is FUNNY about that. Her husband was a scum bag and she went after the women he took advantage of . “…what difference does it make” referring to the death of Americans in Benghazi. It makes a lot of difference to their livef ones. Such a cavalier remark that could only be made by an immoral and non/compassionate person. You put the person down you replied to down because he put Hillary down. You did the same you accused him of. You know nothing about that person. You do not want others to assume things, but it is okay for you to . TYPICAL DEMOCRAT !

          • Hillary fumbled badly regarding Benghazi, costing American lives and then went into self-protection mode. Remember the various excuses used including a video that came out a few days later. How could she go back to sleep and do nothing after getting the phone call begging for help in the attack?

    • For CROOKED HILLY to even THINK of discussing a person of STERLING QUALIFICATIONS like those that have been a WAY OF LIFE for Judge Kavanagh, is a TRUE JOKE!!! Too bad it is not funny!!! SHE IS THE LAST PERSON TO DISCUSS OR EVEN MENTION A MAN OF THE STERLING CHARACTER of JUDGE KAVANAGH!!! SHE IS A LIAR, CROOKED AS THE DAY IS LONG, ONE OF THE MOST UNTRUSTWORTHY PEOPLE IN AMERICA, and I can hardly wait til the JACKASS that is investigating everything except what he was hired to do, so that someone of QUALITY and INTEGRITY can begin to tear into the CROOKED CLINTONS, from their PHONY, DISHONEST “FOUNDATION”, to all of the rest of their outrageous illegal activities!!! There are many other in the BIG ZERO’s REGIME that will also be brought to answer,,,and it is flagrant enough that it is such common knowledge that it can no longer be swept under their bed!!! I, for one, can hardly wait! It took the signatures of 9 (NINE) traitors to authorize the sale of the URANIUM to Russia, and the BIG ZERO and HORRENDOUS HOLDER were two of them!!! That is worthy of a charge of TREASON!!!!! Wonder when Clinton’s grandkids start ????? HIM ABOUT THE “LADIES” in his past,,,,WILLING or RAPED???

  9. HRC has lied so much, she wouldn’t recognize truth if it jumped up and bit her on her ugly mug! This thing referred to as HRC is as evil as Satan himself. I recently saw 2 separate photos of both her & her delusional daughter, BOTH had upside down crosses as necklaces. That pretty much sums up who they worship! HRC should do us all a favor, GO AWAY & take your worthless family with you. Better yet, disappear like so many of your accusers have, never to be seen or heard from again!

  10. has this women ever told the truth? and most of the time when she is questioned about a lie, she can’t remember, so she is a liar that can’t remember her own lies. she is one sice evil women.

    • The truth is easy to remember because you always have facts or factual memories to relate back to, lies however are not based on facts but mental fabrications that are not so easy to duplicate because for each lie told you have to layer it with even further lies. I imagine that could get quite confusing and full of cobwebs.

    • well if you want to be honest look at trump still trying to find the play button the only frais trump knows is it a democrat conspiracy to discredit the government, if he was really smart he would know that is what makes him look stupid but then he would have to be honest and we all know that wont happen because he screws up his own lies

  11. “I want to be sure we’re all clear about something that” Planned Parenthood did during Hillary’s campaign – they paid for over $1,000,000,000 worth of pro Hillary ads – Kickback for her support? People from Planned Parenthood has also been caught on camera admitting to “harvesting” and selling body parts from the fetuses – they spoke about when the optimal time was to “harvest” so that parts were mature and strong enough so they would make it to the recipient. These people are sick and will one day face their maker – yet they are good friends of Hillary Clintons. Why does it seem that all of Hillary’s friends are demented – perverted – rapist – pedophiles and devil worshippers?

    • I wonder why Hillary did not have Chelsea abort when she got pregnant, or, come to think of it, maybe hillary aborted after Chelsea, and Chelsea is aborting any future babies? Did anyone ever think about the above since they both are PRO-ABORTION?

    • And also why are all our taxpayer money paying for planned parenthood when they should be getting their money from private donations like a lot of the other ones do for example saint Judes and also rounding up body parts from aborted fetuses and selling them that is Despicable they should pass a law in Congress to ban that practice somebody should have went to jail for that.

    • Call your American organ donation agency . Ask them if you could sell your organs. There are laws that were not overturned for Planned Parenthood to sell human parts, therefore they have broken the law and should be arrested. The law clearly state those needing transplants must be on a waiting list or a donor can DONATE, but cannot be purchased.

  12. It is no surprise that a left-wing nut like Kamala Harris would lie, mistake and distort. She is unable to honestly state her position and expect re-election even in Kalifornica. Hillary Clinton piling on is to be expected. She has lost all contact with the truth since the 1970s. I am surprised this made the news.

  13. She has been lying for so many years it just comes natural for her.
    If you believe what is out there it is said that Hillary had several abortions herself until Bill asked her to keep the last pregnancy resulting in Chelsea.
    So again, what a hypocrite! She aborted babies herself. And not just once!

  14. Crazy Hillary will never ever run for the presidency again. That’s for sure.

    Her criminal foundation has yet to be dismantled … permanently. I can’t wait to see her shriveling away into history.

    She has long, long history with our national government. It goes way back to the years of the Watergate scandal inquiry under Jerry Zeifman, the Chief Counsel of the investigation team. Zeifman had a very low opinion of her at the time.

    That was 1974. Gee.

    • Tell what is she covering up in her emails if she did nothing wrong, and her drug addiction, fell and has a blood clot, an alcoholic, can’t walk, got $400,000,000 from Russia for the %20 plutonium deal she and Obama gave Russia get an education of both sides retard.

    • Eldon, are you upset that you never finished grade school OR that Manafort has flipped and will cooperate with the Russia probe and will be joining the team of people that will provide documents and testimony against Trump?!? Surely, no adult that has a decent vocabulary talks this way unless they are losing it and have no control over themselves.

      • Dr. if that was going to happen it would have been reported. He’s probably going to turn the tables on the deep state. The commie cock suckers are trying to undo an election because your crooked bitch lost. Any creature that squats to piss don’t need to be president. Unless she’s a republican. Democrat women thinks with their tits. Not their brains.

      • Manafort ‘flipping’ re Russian probe.>> WRONG. < Manafort 1st indictment Pertains to YRs PRIOR
        (to a 90 day job w/DJT.) You, Seriously, NEED FACTOIDS.
        >Manafort co-op IS re reducing 80 yr sentence ie
        Taxes & Ukraine, & plea Bargain for safety/security
        of his Family. NOT re POTUS or Russia. That msm
        ‘rap -tap’ IS Purely Political.
        > You really are Ignorant. & get sucked into every little
        bitty msm news, then expound like you know something.

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