You won’t believe who called out Hillary Clinton for a massive lie

Hillary Clinton lies. A lot.

But this time she got caught.

And you won’t believe who called her out.

Liberals like Senator Kamala Harris face planted during Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

She put out a video claiming Kavanaugh called birth control “abortion inducing drugs.”

The only problem was Harris edited the video of Kavanaugh’s testimony.

He was reciting the definition given by one of the parties arguing a case.

Kavanaugh was not offering his own opinion.

Even left-wing groups like Politifact said Harris was lying about Kavanaugh.

Six days later Hillary Clinton tweeted out this debunked lie.

This was typical Hillary Clinton.

She repeated a lie that had been debunked six days prior.

It was so bad that even someone from the fake news Washington Post had to call her out.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.