You won’t believe who claimed Trump promised them a Supreme Court seat

Donald Trump won the 2016 election in large part based on his promise to appoint conservative Supreme Court justices.

Trump made good on that by nominating Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.

But you won’t believe who claimed Donald Trump promised them a seat on the Supreme Court.

Radio shock jock Howard Stern is out promoting his new book.

As part of his publicity tour, Stern sat for an interview with fake news reporter Anderson Cooper.

Stern claimed that Trump wanted him to endorse Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention since Trump would regularly appear on Stern’s show in the 1990s and 2000s.

Stern considered the offer and told CNN he thought if he showed up at the Republican Convention and endorsed Trump that he could get a seat on the Supreme Court.

The Daily Caller reports:

Radio host Howard Stern said Thursday on CNN that he believes President Donald Trump would have offered him a seat on the Supreme Court, had he endorsed him as a candidate.

“He used to call me from the campaign trail and I think he was really desirous of my endorsement because A) I have a big audience and B) he’s familiar with that audience and I think it would have been very comforting to him if I had gotten on board. So when he secured the nomination and now he was thinking about the convention, I think he wanted some show biz there. He picked up the phone and called me personally,” Stern stated.

The radio host continued, “He asked me if I would go to the Republican convention and endorse him and I was like oh, gosh. For about a split second, I thought, could you imagine if I was all in. I would be the head of the FCC. I could be on the Supreme Court. I think Donald would give me anything I asked.”

This is ludicrous and wishful thinking on Stern’s part.

He never would have gotten within ten miles of the short list for a Supreme Court seat.

But he knows that by making outlandish claims such as this it will generate headlines and help him sell books.

What do you think of Howard Stern saying he thought he could get a Supreme Court seat?

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  1. Well, for once I agree with the headline! I DON’T believe that President Trump offered him a Supreme Court position. Not unless it was to help Justice Ginsberg get into, & out of her chair without falling!!

  2. Howard, I loved listening to your show on the ride to work back in the 80’s. You are still the man today, But Supreme Court justice,.what in the name of all that is holy are you thinking ? I’m not sure what would be worse, you as a Supreme Court justice or the current crop of un-American democrat clowns vying to be president of the United States. Admittedly you are probably more qualified for the court than any one of those morons trying to become our next president. I love you and think you have done a great job all these years as a radio entertainer so I’m asking you to do something good for our country. ” ENDORSE PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  3. There are no explicit requirements in the U.S. Constitution for a person to be nominated to become a Supreme Court justice. No age, education, job experience, or citizenship rules exist. In fact, according to the Constitution, a Supreme Court justice does not need to even have a law degree.

    • Yet another self serving bunch of BS simply to get attention. You are just NOT nearly as interesting to the rest of us as you are to yourself! Go away!

  4. Stern would be more reasoned than Alito, Thomas, and Kavanaugh. Do you remember Kavanaugh at his hearing, crying, shouting, blaming, his temperament is like a junkyard dog.

  5. Just what are his qualifications for Supreme Court Justice? I believe that the article is right. This claim is just to generate publicity for his new book. Perhaps the sales are slumping so badly that he must make up stories to get his name out in the general public consciousness.

  6. Really; Are You Kidding Me. … ? That is such nonsense, Stern? Wow, the Fake Media’s working overtime, if you believe that, then believe this; President would also nominate Kim one as well.
    This one, is so far fetched, wow … I’m appalled this S_ _ _ makes it into print. … .

  7. He’s so fake. He was on The View recently and said he loves Hillary and wanted he to win. He made fun of president Trump and of course, all the ugly women there loved him for it. He’s just trying to get attention so his book sells and knows that talking about the president will get him the attention he needs. Just yesterday, I bought Unfreedom of the Press, by Mark Levin which were right next to Howard’s book. Look like Mark’s book was selling very well but not Howard’s.

  8. Howard Stern should have supported candidate Donald Trump as he supported Stern. If I recall Howard Stern’s ratings were dropping prior to the Monday Morning Trump call ins to the shock jocks station. So Trump reached out and asked for a similar support, why would Howard expect anything in return? Did Howard give Trump anything in return? Foolish Backstabber Howard

        • I hear that. The Manchurian Candidate and avowed Communist, Terrorist Lover.
          He loves William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn two of the most insidious Urban Terrorist of all time. They should’ve been convicted, lord knows, by their own words, would’ve been enough. EAST COAST Terror Loving Judge cut them loose.
          Obama, sanctified them, with all of his actions. Most Divisive and Worse President of all time. … . Hang em High

          • stern is getting too old now and not very relevant so he is trying to get attention on the back of our VERY popular President Trump. Stern is not qualified to hold any government position. He belongs on the view with the rest of the filthy mouthed hypocrite liberals.


  10. Howard Stern is nothing but a filthy-mouthed “shock jock”. He makes money by saying things that most people learned were rude and crude during their middle school years.

  11. REALLY! Stern is out promoting a book. He’s a “shock jock”. Does anyone with half a brain believe this? Really Anderson? You used to be better than this nonsense.

  12. This appears to be an article where the writer had nothing to say , so he sat down and wrote some BS hoping someone would pick it up and run with it, and they did, what a bunch of BALONEY, get real !!!

  13. Howard Stern has gone nuts! He would not qualify for the seat on the Supreme Court. Hell he wouldn’t know how to pick a flea off a monkeys butt. Wonder what else is going to come out of the wood works?


      • Look, while I agree with your post about all the crooks in government, not EVERYBODY in government is a crook. The majority, yes, get rid of them. But, there are honest people in there somewhere. It’s time that We The People marched on D.C. & escorted all the liberals, RINOs, etc. And, the Republican Senate is beginning to look like they’re turning against the President too. But, while killing them WOULD solve the problem, it’d be more fun to see them in orange jumpsuits behind bars. Can’t you just see Pelosi in one cell, & Mitch McConnell in the other? Laugh of the century.

  14. What an incredible joke. Not unlike most of Stern’s humor and profundities. Exactly what Cooper and CNN looks to as “news”.

  15. Wow, Howard Stern has went off the deep end not just a cliff! Why on God’s green earth would he even think for one second he would get a seat on the Supreme Court in shock he made such an outrageous claim like this even for him this is just plain nuts!

    • hes been off the deep end for quite some time…I don’t know why they give this moron airtime anymore !!!

  16. It’s a book deal, Howard’s mistake is going
    political, sales have probably dropped over
    The months, and what better way to make yourself
    known again in the spotlight.
    Sorry howard, really bad set up.

  17. howard you’ve been very successful at what you do. (made tons of $ being obnoxious & crude) perhaps it’s gone to your head, but, more likely just talk to sell your books. not a good idea howard as your potential guest in the future may think twice about being associated with ya!

  18. The original shock jock goes off the deep end when. as a floundering personality, he gets a camera pointed at him. Once again CNN goes far afield to get someone to bash the president.

    • Totally Agree!!! The scammers still in SCAM MODE!!! HEE-HAW… What actors and entertainers won’t do and say for FAME and POWER… They ought to seek the Power of the Holy GHOST and get some real Miracles from Almighty GOD to testify real FAME and Prosperity in Christ Jesus …just saying. Keep Praying for the Swamp that they may be saved from the Hell FIRES… I. Thessalonians 5:17

      • VOTE DONALD J TRUMP 2020 GREATEST PRESIDENT OF OUR TIMES…LED BY OUR CREATOR LORD AND SAVIOUR! The swamp is diminishing right before our eyes…. Believe SaintLuke 8:17…

  19. To be on the Supreme Court as a Supreme Court Justice, one must have a Legal Background, a Lawyer and also a Judge Title. Then the next title , if accepted is, Justice. I don’t know Howard Stern’s Profile. I know he is a “shock jock”, whatever that means. But Howard Stern does a great job on his Show and why would he want to change it?

  20. This moron (Stern) is more delusional than I thought/ I never listened to him and this is just another reason. He couldn’t make it as a magistrate in my small town let alone the Supreme Court.

  21. Stern has talked too much trash and it is gone to his head. Do liberals eat, drink or snort something specific that imprints the same vocabulary and general idiocy to all of them ? So many idiots, it’s not normal. Lucifer’s revenge?
    Supreme court justice? Howard Stern???? HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHa.

  22. Good Heavens, is this a ‘shock joke’ from the ‘shock jock?’ Surely he doesn’t truly believe his own ‘juvenile junk??’
    Does ANYONE TRULY BÉLIEVE THIS JERK HAS A LICENSE TO PRACTICE LAW, LET ALONE BE A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE?!?!?! WHAT A DUFUS!!! Even to be the head of the FCC would require a LOT more intelect than stern has! What an EGO!!!!!

    • I think Howard is shooting for the head of Sunnyville Farms or some other kook kooko’s nest. Seems like every turn in the road these days brings out another dilutional nut case.

  23. How absurd. Donald Trump would never appoint an idiot like Stern let alone the supreme court for anything as it would be like appointing Bozo The Clown for that position which would be better than appointing him.

    • Ron P Ted Cruz was my first choice for president. He would have been a great man for the job. I still hope he gets to run again. No one remembers who won second place, but Cruz did against Trump. If the stupid Ohio governor would have pulled out of the race in a timely manner, many of those protest votes that went to him would have put Cruz over the top toward the nomination.

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