You won’t believe who CNN blamed for Nancy Pelosi’s illegal haircut

Nancy Pelosi violating California’s lockdown to get a haircut is the biggest story in America.

Now Democrats and the fake news media are in full damage control mode.

And you won’t believe who CNN blamed for Nancy Pelosi’s illegal haircut.

Fake news CNN and Nancy Pelosi were in a bind.

Security camera footage caught Pelosi violating California’s lockdown order by getting a haircut inside.

The video also showed Pelosi not wearing a mask on the same day she lectured President Trump on TV about the importance of always wearing a face covering.

Pelosi responded by claiming without citing any evidence that the salon owner set her up.

On fake news CNN, hosts John Berman and Chris Cuomo discussed the situation and tried to help Pelosi out by making the story about President Trump.

Berman noted that while Pelosi did not wear a mask and did not provide any evidence to substantiate her claim of being set up, President Trump did not wear a mask when he toured the damage from a Hurricane that struck Louisiana and Texas.

“But, consider this, the crowds of unmasked and not socially-distanced audience members at the president’s speech at the White House on the final day of the Republican Convention or the president’s own, mask-less, visit to a hurricane relief center in Louisiana last week. The state’s own guidelines say masks should be warn when in public indoors and out. So, yes, it is fair to criticize the House Speaker, who should have known better. But it’s fair to criticize anyone who breaks the restrictions, guidelines, and just plain common sense we all should live by,” Berman stated.

Cuomo doubled down and said it was President Trump’s fault Pelosi didn’t wear a mask because Trump set a bad example.

“Maybe she was listening to the president who said masks are weakness, who’s always encouraging people to take off masks, who held his big speech about how to control the pandemic in front of a crowd that was largely without masks. Maybe Pelosi’s falling under the influence.” Cuomo added.

Fake news CNN is so pro-Democrat and anti-Trump that they spun a simple story about Nancy Pelosi breaking her home state’s laws – and that Donald Trump had nothing to do with – to be a negative story about the President.

It proves once again the Democrats’ hypocrisy and the massive double standard in the media.

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