You won’t believe who George W. Bush is going to vote for in 2020

Donald Trump won the 2016 election by vanquishing the Bush family political dynasty.

Fast-forward four years later and with Trump running for re-election all eyes are once again on the Bush family.

And now you won’t believe who George W. Bush is going to vote for in 2020.

Donald Trump won without the support of former Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush as well as former Florida Governor Jeb Bush in 2016.

When the President began gearing up for his 2020 re-election campaign it was unheard of the last living former Republican President – George W. Bush – would not support his party’s standard bearer.

But that is exactly the situation facing President Trump in his 2020 re-election campaign as former President Bush is mulling voting for Joe Biden.

“Former President George W. Bush won’t support the re-election of Mr. Trump, and Jeb Bush isn’t sure how he’ll vote, say people familiar with their thinking. Senator Mitt Romney of Utah won’t back Mr. Trump and is deliberating whether to again write in his wife, Ann, or cast another ballot this November. Cindy McCain, the widow of Senator John McCain, is almost certain to support Mr. Biden but is unsure how public to be about it because one of her sons is eying a run for office,” The New York Times reports.

Just like in 2016, Donald Trump will be running for re-election with the leaders of the establishment in both parties aligned against him.

In 2016, Trump was able to mobilize voters who believed Washington, D.C. failed them and ignored their concerns.

This time, the President will have to turnout those voters by communicating to them that the President’s “Make America Great Again” agenda followed through on his promises of four years ago.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Let the Bushes vote for whom they will. They are only citizens now no better than you or me . Except their Elitist attitude.

  2. George Bush has said he will support President Trump. I think that shows G.W. Bush might have some love for the well-being of the country after all. President Trump is a patriot and is doing for the country that which will be judged as the best president at the right time in history. I will proudly vote Trump for President in November.

  3. BTW Scott completely won that argument… The only reason people here say otherwise is because they’re trump supporting sheep who can’t understand logic.

  4. Folks why all the trash and name calling? There is no reason for it and it only makes you look childish. Most of you when you act and talk civilized have some really good points. Like you Dan Tyree, you are one I like to read but when you turn into the other person I stop reading. The same with alot of you other posters. Let the trash talking and discustng name calling be from the liberals and the right wing show some class.
    Thank you

  5. Fluffy Pillow ..when someone calls me a racist, I have to say..I’ve always loved racing….NASCAR, Indy car, horse racing etc. I don’t like track and field because they’ve use affirmative action to fill the ranks in colleges with minorities so no others ever get a chance. To be fair it should be what the ethnic make up of America is percentage wise. Guess I’m a BIG OT too.

  6. Scott27 I read the debate between you and Dan Tyree. Dan won. So go away. You’re a loser.

  7. Obama and his want-to-be First Man tarnished the floors of the Oval Office for all times and at the same time divided this country more than ever before and past the point of no return. Corrupt Muslim from the political sewers of Chicago, such a perfect example of Liberals running city and state government. Is this black men killing each other in Chicago??? Na!!! Couldn’t be…Pull all law enforcement out of this city now, see what happens within two weeks…

  8. Arthur Taylor someone must have dumped you on your head. Or your father jerked off in a flower pot and raised a blooming idiot.

  9. DUMP TRUMP 2020 he’s a horrific failure and a danger to the American People and abroad.

  10. This is Scott27’s demented line of thinking.
    If you opposed Obama it’s only because you’re a racist.
    If you voted for Trump, it’s only because you’re a racist
    If you want border security and a wall, it’s only because you’re a racist.
    If you want to defund sanctuary cities, it’s only because you’re a racist.
    If you won’t get on your knees for BLM, it’s only because you’re a racist.
    If you don’t follow the left’s ideology then you’re a racist.

  11. Some Republicans do not realize that they are a large part of the reason Trump was elected. They were too much like the Democrats on some important issues. They were even accused of being “Democrat Lite”

  12. Every last one of these RINO’s might as well switch parties as they have shown their true colors.
    Swamp creatures all.
    Trump/Pence 2020
    God save America from leftist commicrats.


  14. Hey Snot27, I just hate you, along with every other fascist Antifa coksuckers, And Benedict Arnold Bush. He’s a pussy like you. I can’t wait till they defund and disband police because then it won’t be illegal for conservatives to say howdy to you with a nice 230 grain jacketed slug.

  15. Romney is just ticked off like corrupt h.clinton because he didn’t win. Who would want him anyway since he won’t support Trump of the same party?

  16. Snott27 what makes you think that I hate people? So good night. Go to bed and jerk off to relive your tension. Looks like I won the debate.

  17. No, Dan. You voted for your dear leader because he hated the same people you do. Pure and simple. And, by the way, our trade deficit right now is the worse it’s been in a very long time and we are viewed as fools around the world. Good night.

  18. Rick Julio doesn’t walk around. He’s posted before that he’s crippled. And it’s affected his mind. Just like the scott27 guy. All of us should arrange to get together for a meet and greet. That would be something to see.

  19. Trump failed the people miserably in not draining the swamp as he refers to it and that includes the criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating judges with their illegal injunctions.

  20. Snott27 the reason that America is in the shape it’s in is because former presidents didn’t have the balls that Trump’s got. Both parties kicked our asses with the NAFTA treaty. And now it’s being dismantled and we are reaping the benefits of the change. Our May jobs report would have been worse if not for the trade deals negotiated by Trump. You just don’t like his personality. I didn’t vote for personally, I voted to save America. And the commiecrats want America to fail so that they can topple Trump. You’re aligned with a crowd that’s the most crooked bastards in the world.

  21. George Bush voting for Biden…wow…he may as well shot his foot off. That is preposterous and Romney as a SOB too.

  22. Julio, That Senile old fart doesn’t even remember which is his wife and which is his sister, he walks around with BOTH feet in his mouth, cannot Articulate a thought,

  23. Dan… you’ve simply been manipulated by so much mis and dis information you really don’t have a grasp of what’s happening in this country, much less the world. Be well.

  24. Andrew… I wasn’t a fan of republican presidents beginning with Reagan but I accepted them and respected them (other than all of them running up the deficit); but I never had to worry about them wanting to be authoritarian. I would take any of them in a heartbeat over what we have now. They loved this country. Today, that love is only a tool and if you think he really cares about you or this country, you are horribly mistaken.

  25. Snott27 I’ve told you before. I was a strong republican before I knew who Trump was, other than hearing his name. And to my knowledge I’ve never met a nazi. Or a klan member. But you people are so pathetic. My daddy and others in my family fought against fascism. I had ggggrandfathers who fought for America’s independence. And the war of 1812. So you saying that we are nazis ect. is BS. But keep up your childish rhetoric. You can chant it while circle jerking with the commiecrats. You would make a good pivot man.

  26. Scott27 you would have your pissy fits no matter who the president is if he/she were a republican. You’re just another liberal fool.

  27. Dan… But your guy “fell in love” with Kim Un… his saying so is on tape. They exchanged “beautiful” letters. He’s on tape saying so. He also believes Putin over what every intel agency we have says. He’s on tape saying that too. And your “party” is full of white supremist neo-nazis and you shouldn’t want to be governed by them either. It’s nonsense. And I don’t have a “party”… I’m pretty damned independent, so come kill me and prove what a little man you are.

  28. Snott27 you made yourself into a liar. Trump doesn’t government with input from Putin or Kim. And yes, your party is full of Marxism. Obozo the mulatto kissed Castro’s ass and catered to him and his commie brother. Globalization is in the agenda of the commiecrats, and they can’t seem to go far enough to the left. And I swear by Almighty God that I’ll never be governed by them. And I’m not alone when talking this stand. Don’t doubt me.

  29. Dan… you’ve and your friends have created a whole reality out of nothing, or at best minimal information. I’m not, nor is anyone I know, a commie (as if you even know what that means); nor does anyone I know support the looting and violence — it’s being done by a bunch of extremist idiots on both sides; and regarding your dear leader, we just don’t like liar wannabe dictators who sucks up and follows pointers from the Putins and Kim Uns of the world while using the weak among us such as you.

  30. Snott27 why does your commie party raise hell about anything Trump? If a huge storm leveled Chicago, no great loss, Trump would get blamed for it. You idiots don’t know what to do about problems in the large cities. Just let a bunch of hood rats burn them down, and take away police protection. Your party of ass wipes are pissed because Trump doesn’t bow down to nasty pussy, Adam sh&t and the rest of your party of fools. Lock and load people. You might be on your own.

  31. And Dan… if that’s not the case, why does your guy always act like a jealous little girl when it comes to Obama?

  32. Dan… c’mon. Once again, you are proving that a tiny bit of information in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing, or rather I should say in the wrong brain. It’s amazing how you, et al, can pick a little thing and create an entire conspiracy… reality… around it.

  33. Snott27 you’re a fool if you think that Trump is jealous of obozo the mulatto. His policies were a failure for 8 years. And stink finger joe stood in front of a camera and boasted about doing what Trump was accused of. While serving as Vice President, AKA bathhouse Barry’s ass kisser. But I guess that you’ll always be a moron.

  34. What did baby bush do to lowerhis rating to have a un race with KERRY . THE MALE JANE FOND !

  35. Bush crashed the US economy in 2008…Bush didn’t care about the US people then, and doesn’t care now. Bush let US jobs leave the USA uncontrolled, and let all that crap from China and other low wage countries enter the USA uncontrolled… Now, China gave the USA the coronavirus uncontrolled…and now I would care less if I read in the paper that Bush, Romney, and the other greedy “turncoats” caught the coronavirus with terminal results.

  36. After all the crap the Obama administration dealt out to you, you are a piss-ant Mr. Bush!!! Do you think this will get Obama to like you more or something?!!! Does “The Establishment” mean that much to you?!!!

  37. Randall, there is no jealousy like drumpf’s for Obama… started with the inaugural crowd size and has continued. Why else would he bring him up at every opportunity?

  38. Romney the Bushes, Powell, McCains all part of the swamp. Your days are over go play golf or what ever the hell it is you do.

  39. John McCain was a lying traitor. Romney should be kicked out of the Senate, the State of Utah and the Republican Party…what a pathetic loser. GWHB and Clinton have been in the drug business for many years together and deservingly should have shared the same cell at Gitmo. Jeb Bush was the biggest drug salesman in college. Bush43 may have the lowest IQ President in our nation’s history…painful to even listen to him. Do they honestly believe that any voter with a room-temperature IQ or higher has the slightest interest in them? If someone actual believes they are credible, that person hasn’t done their due diligence.

  40. Colin Powell was never elected to any office…imcompetent as Sec. of State.
    Cincy McCain and the Bushes are just angry people and more importantly jealous and envious. That guy from Utah, Senator Mitt Romney is just so vindictive and jealous. Very ineffective as a Republican Senator. The people in Utah should vote him OUT of office.

  41. Vincent Bugliosi has said that there is enough evidence to put Bush on trial for mass murder.

  42. Funny thing is I believe Jack ri . Bush is heartbroken that his family wasn’t elected ! They are all in disbelief how much Trump has accomplished . Jealous ! So let’s get real stupid . Do everything against the President and all Americans .

  43. I regretfully admit I voted for the old man once and George W. Twice. The old man did not get my vote the second time around because he lied and Georgia would not have gotten it either time because he started a war by telling a lie. I should have known the apple does’t fall far from the tree. Jeb did not get it though I wised up.

  44. Bush jr’s vote won’t be missed. He certainly is not his fathers son. What a disgusting disappointment he is. He and his son Jeb are both RINOs. Bush never did anything for our country. I can’t imagine anyone with half a brain voting for Biden.

  45. Jack RI…. “real Americans”??? Don’t you mean just people with your same fears, hates, views? I guarantee you I’m every bit as real American as you or any of the other haters here. And as a real American, I can have beliefs and views diametrically opposite of yours. Doesn’t make me any less American.

  46. President Trump did not have the endorsement of those RINOs in 2016. What makes them think it will make a difference this election. They are just as irrelevant now as they were then.

  47. The biggest drug dealer in history was George Bush senior. He was the head of the CIA during the vietnam war. To pay for the illegal CIA activities, he worked with north vietnam to produce the drugs. Many times, pow’s were used to produce the drugs. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  48. This story has already been debunked as “Fake News”. A spokesman for Mr. Bush has publicly said so this morning. It is a fictitious story created by the idiots at NYT.

  49. Whom you support is a personal judgement!!!! My thinking is simple: 1)God commands “DO NOT KILL” 2) abortion prevents the live birth of a baby so it meets the definition of killing [though it uses a different word to deceive those that can be deceived]3) Biden [and 99.9% of Democrats] support abortion/murder so I can’t support Biden or nearly any Democrat.

  50. Is so petty is so petty and so jealous of President Trump if say senior the game Trump on his Deathbed his son to do the same and Ronnie supposed to be a Christian I know Christian He’s a hypocrite.

  51. He did not vote for him in 2016 why did anyone think he was going to vote for President Trump this time. It was no secret then or now nor is it a secret that MittRomney John and Cindy McCain and Colin Powell also did not vote for President Trump in 2016 and again it is no surprise now. It is the ridiculous main stream media pushing this ridiculous notion that Senior Republicans do not want Trump they are the same moronic idiots that fought him the last time around like Bill Kristol ect ect ect. How did it work out for them in 2016 hopefully for America’s sake it will work out the same this time. President Trump needs to win re-election for all of us.

  52. Mitt Romney and George w bush are both pools and idiots to back Joe Biden he’s not even mentally capable or even mentally healthy to run this country!!!

  53. Mitt Romney and George w bush are both pools and idiots to back Joe Biden he’s not even mentally capable or even mentally healthy to run this country!!!

  54. Everything these RINOs said they believed was a lie. Look at the policies of Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rouke,Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Ilhan Omar and others. These are the policies these RINOs really support. I won’t be fooled again. Trump 2020!!

  55. ALL of the persons you mention in your article have been RINOs for decades. I remember Barbara Bush (now deceased) being interviewed and stating remarks about candidate Donald Trump that sounded exactly like a Democrat.
    I think they should re-register as Democrats, instead of their shadow-RINO status.

  56. And Bush has the guts to call himself a Republican. Maybe he should go eat ice cream and have a drink with Pelosi. He can invite Biden too, but Biden will forget to show up or where he was going.
    Maybe he’s had a little to much of his CBD oil.

  57. Bush should just go away nobody cares what his opinion is. What a clown, I’m sure just jealous since Trump has done so much and he did so little. I would like to ask what he did for black people while he was president, but I already know the answer, nothing!

  58. Of course the elites won’t vote for Donald Trump for president. They are losing their corrupted ways of getting richer.

  59. All the Respect that I ever had for this Man , is GONE NOW !
    Now he is no different than any other Leftist Liberal Demorat Jackass !

  60. Given the massive swing towards communism, anyone is a fool for not voting for Trump. If Biden wins, he’ll bow authority to Pelosi, Sanders and Hillary. They’ll have us a new county controlled by China, like Hong Kong.

  61. I am not at all surprised. Anyone who is, obviously does not know the history of the Bushes & Clinton’s. Bush Sr. & Bill were thick as thieves long before Bill was President. I got a good laugh over the Democrats attacking Bush, Jr.

    Bush, Sr. Was a major player in The Swamp in his years as Director of the CIA. He & Bill worked together in supporting a CIA funded drug smuggling operation out of Mena Arkansas.

  62. i HAD HEARD THAT THE “DEEP EXISTED AND THAT THE BUSH FAMILY WAS PART OF IT….Being from Texas I defended the Bush’s that they were NOT part of the DEEP STATE. I sorta understood the problem between the two families and that the Bush’s family would not support Trump in 16 but never read where they actually noted for HILLARY. Now it is a fact that George W. Bush has announced that he will not vote for Trump (which has done alot for ALL AMERICANS) SOOOOO I guess he is part of the DEEP STATE so as far as I am concerned GEORGE W. BUSH IS A DEEP STATE MEMBER……

  63. I am a Scottish Republican who loves America and I follow you all religiously. If the devil puts demonrats in I believe you will have civil war as America will collapse. I just pray the black people Fi ally realise Trump is the one who will free them totally of the bondage of the lying, hypocritical treasonous demonrats

  64. Excellent Observation Mr. Dan Tyree.
    Both POTUS Bushes are and were globalists. They and their cabal amassed large fortunes during their sell off to the CCP and other foreign governments.
    Biden was around during all of this and was aware. He uses that knowledge for cover as he claims, with a straight face, he and his family did nothing wrong. continuing the sellout.

  65. So when REAL Republicans, like myself, and NOT like “W”, start comparing President Trump’s accomplishments to former President George W. Bush’s, nothing he, Romney or McCain could say that would change a single vote from real Americans. We don’t vote for SPITE! Your hate BELONGS with Joe Biden!

  66. George W Bush ran against liberals and won two terms. And now he’s voting for a retarded commie? He will probably vote for a libertarian or independent. There’s always some of them on the ballot. But remember this. Abraham Lincoln came into his 2nd election on the ropes even in the north because of the civil war, and won. And he sure didn’t have the southern vote. And Lincoln had enemies among his own party. Don’t count Trump out. Someone greater than us is in control.

  67. The county suffered great heartship under his leadership so I’m not suprised a turncoat would be on his bucket list

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