You won’t believe who Joe Biden just stranded in Afghanistan

Joe Biden’s colossal failure in Afghanistan is still unfolding.

Biden abandoned Americans at the mercy of the Taliban and ISIS.

But one disturbing picture surfaced, and you won’t believe who Joe Biden just stranded in Afghanistan.

Americans do not look kindly on cruelty to animals.

And they do not like dishonorable retreats.

Those two sentiments raced to the forefront when a photo surfaced from Afghanistan showing American service dogs abandoned at the Kabul Airport after the last military plane left the country.

Dogs are considered unclean in Islam and animal rights advocates worry the Taliban will torture and kill these animals.

It was shameful enough that Joe Biden deserted at least 200 Americans in Afghanistan.

That number is likely higher as the Biden administration’s refusal to tell the truth at any stage of this withdrawal leads many to doubt the official number of Americans deserted behind enemy lines that the administration put out.

But leaving defenseless service dogs behind in a country where they face torture and death is beyond cruel.

Joe Biden promised an orderly and honorable withdrawal from Afghanistan.

That is not at all what took place.

ISIS terrorists murdered 13 U.S. soldiers.

The administration stranded hundreds of Americans in a country run by the Taliban and where ISIS roams free.

And the administration abandoned military service dogs who could face medieval forms of torture.

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