You won’t believe who just gave Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the biggest boost of her career

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez entered Congress determined to turn America into Venezuela.

And that meant she would attack every amendment in the Bill of Rights.

Now, you won’t believe who just gave Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the biggest boost of her career.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is the last Republican anyone thought would team up with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But the two lawmakers appear to have struck a deal to restrict the First Amendment rights of former members of Congress.

The Daily Caller reports:

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found something they agree on Thursday, and other lawmakers say they will pitch in, Ocasio-Cortez announced in a Thursday evening tweet.

“Okay, with [Democratic California Sen. Brian Schatz and Cruz] we’ve got at least one D-R team in the Senate to ban members becoming lobbyists, [and] myself w/ [Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy] makes at least one D-R team in the House. And that’s just in a few hours – there will surely be more from both parties to sign on. Nice,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote with a thumbs-up emoji.

Cruz and Ocasio-Cortez bantered about their shared discontent with the so-called “revolving door of K Street” — federal lawmakers using their connections to become well-heeled lobbyists once they are out of office. Law mandates ex-House members must wait a year to lobby their former colleagues, while ex-senators must wait two.

A report finding around half of ex-members of the 115th Congress went straight to lobbying and other gigs with federal influence came out Thursday and prompted the exchange.

This legislation sounds harmless.

But it is unconstitutional.

The First Amendment protects the right of citizens to petition their government.

Ted Cruz is falling into the trap many Republicans do in Washington, D.C.

They latch on to “feel good” causes that allow them to look “reasonable” to the Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media.

But Senator Cruz should remember the success he enjoyed during the 2016 Presidential election was due to his uncompromising constitutional conservatism.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I look at all the comments from all of you who fancy yourselves conservatives and wonder what kind of $h1t you have for brains?! The 1A was never meant to grant 535 elected, privileged, pampered, self serving assholes an eternal seat at the trough. The only place the founders f***ed up was not having TERM LIMITS, for God’s sake! That’s because they never imagined people would be so selfish, petty and get rich from public office. If that and the lifelong pensions they draw from we the taxpayers, many of you morons wanna grant them limitless power and influence, BEYOND their terms, WTF?! A lobbyist can leave office and not miss a beat crafting sweetheart deals with their cronies. You wonder why we have a Deep State, RINOs and both parties have no desire to balance the budget or seal the border? Holy crap, what a bunch of f***ing idiots!

    • Well said, I was going to write a similar comment until I saw yours. The 1st amendment has nothing to do with becoming a lobbyist. They can still petition the government just like I can right now.

    • Carlos, originally there WERE term limits. Plus, they received no salaries. When their terms ended, they went back home, & took up their businesses, or farming, or whatever they did for a living. The DIMOCRATS voted to change that, when they controlled the House & the Senate, plus had a Dimocrat as president. That’s why so many people voted for Mr. Trump. They knew it wouldn’t be business as usual. And, it was also Dimocrats who voted to “borrow” the millions that were just sitting there in the Social Security fund. At the time, Lyndon Johnson got that passed. I think he was a Senator then. But, some of the Republicans aren’t lilywhite either. But, do us all a favor, & lose the anger when you’re writing, & lose the bad language, please. We need ALL conservatives on board trying to defeat the Dims, & the RINOs this next election. What you do is your business, but like I said, we need ALL conservatives to get on board, & get the President re-elected.

  2. Believe me, they are alone on this one.
    aoc is a crack pot, and no one is even taking her
    Seriously. Ole Ted is a loner to, and I feel bad for
    Texas. He’s not a true republican doing this.
    It could be he’s having a mid age crisis, and she makes him
    Feel stupid again.

    • Ted Cruz has finally lost it to team up a d back this dumb stupid bar tender he must be really hard up unless this is fake news. This is the worst thing he could do for his career it’s over for him.

    • Chainlink, well, you BETTER take her seriously. She’s the new Golden Child of the Dims, & although she may say & do stupid things, she knows very well what she’s doing. Or the group that chose her to run does, & they make sure she does what they say.

  3. The stupid just keep getting Stupider , our Forefathers are rolling over in there graves , trying to come back to life , just so they could slap some sense into these Idoit sticks , good luck with that , these Rino’s and Liberal SIMPLETONS are a lost cause I’m afraid , they’ll understand only one thing and one only , a good old fashion American ass kicking , we’re burning daylight, just say when !!

  4. I am sick and tired of all this crap, Why don’t these people stop the lies
    They should all go to jail. If you can’t prove what you are saying you should
    go to prison

    • Anyone who teams up with 2nd rate Cortez the bartender is a LOSER period. I always knew something was weird about Cruz.

  5. As a Texan, I used to respect Mr. Cruz. But he lost it and I’m sure many others. When I read that he wanted to associate with the Liberal from NY. I can probably say that he won’t be reelected. Because of the fact that he has sunk to a new low.

  6. Preventing you from becoming a Lobbyist does not keep you from “Petitioning your Government”. It just means that you can’t do it for recompense or on the payroll of somebody else.

    • Exactly, Tony! It’s clear we have a bunch of f***ing idiots chiming in who don’t see the severe damage lack of term limits and lobbying after office are doing to this once great nation!

  7. I’m on the fence about this. On the one hand it makes sense as they will have unfettered access and influence for corporations ect. Yet on the other hand, it prevents them from making a living.

    • No it doesn’t. They all had occupations before they became politicians and could either go back to that, write books and get outrageous speaking fees like a former President, or try real hard to exist on the gigantic fortune they amass while in office from the meager salary they are paid. Oh yeah, forgot they also have their pension they get if they were sworn in to office for even one day.

    • William, no it doesn’t. They can work for anybody, but, since they draw a LIFELONG pension, they don’t have to work. This bill, which I’m in agreement with, by the way, prevents them from getting paid & can bribe anybody to vote the way they want. Podesta is a lobbyist, & that’s what’s killed our country. And, by the way, IF Congress changes our Constitutioon, don’t 3/4 or 3/8 of the states have to approve it? How often have they changed it, WITHOUT approval from anybody but themselves, & the president at that time?

  8. I wholeheartedly agree that all former members of Congress be banned for “LIFE” from ever becoming Lobbyists but I will take it one step further, ban the entire industry of lobbying because it/they do not deliver anything that is fair and equitable to the American public, nothing! They are a blight on our political system and especially to the body they formerly served with. However, for Senator Ted Cruz to have such a lapse in judgement to align himself with AOC is beyond my comprehension? He is usually a man of sound judgement but this decision is not of that character what so ever! I may know where he is coming from but it is a very slippery slope and is not the person to align with for what I beleive to be very just cause, “to clean up DC and Congress” but come on, pick someone who is of good character and sound mind to align with for this noble, patriotic cause and AOC is everything but honest, kind, caring, patriotic, an all American girl. AOC certainly does not have the same “bottom line motivation” for and to accomplish this cause as does Senator Ted Cruz. He has to understand they are on completely different playing fields, his platform “for the good of the country” AOC’s for the good of AOC. Come on Senator Ted Cruz, get as far away from AOC as you can and find a patriotic ally to back/forward co-sign your bill for legislation on this long overdo cleanup of Congress and lobbying. Lobbying “MUST GO” and YESTERDAY, not tomorrow! Members of Congress show their greed and contempt for fair play and competitiveness by becoming turncoat-lobbyists, period!

  9. you take the job you live by what is involved. I worked for a government entity and had zero choice in being forced to live were I worked. take the job you have to stay out of lobbying for five years, its government

    • He’s threading a needle and, if it works, should spell success, at least for Occasional Cortex . . . and, at worst, could spell the end of his political career.

    • I sure hope that he does. Usually, it is the case. Must question, though, with who he seems to be aligning with and, her reputation.

  10. OK conservatives we can’t have it both ways. Anytime we can work with a looney liberal on an issue that does not go against our conservative beliefs, we must do it for our country.
    If the final draft tries to limit cows to one fart a day, respectively decline to support the bill.

  11. Interesting. Too early to say anything. Ted better knows what he’s doing. Time will come that he will explain this strange alliance. 🤐

    • AOC needs to be removed from congress, and Ted Cruz has proven that he can’t be trusted! What is he thinking and what is he trying to prove?!

  12. Get your act together Ted. You can’t have it both ways. No way can the wack job Ocasio-Cortez be trusted and you shouldn’t be playing in her play pen. She shouldn’t be in government in the first place because of her hateful attitude to people in this country. If you don’t like what the US stands for go back to where you belong and take Bernie with you. You two make a lovely demented couple. God Bless America and all she stands for and has stood for.


    • All he is doing is trying to get rid of the lobbyists! Sometimes Republicans and looney Democraps May have to work together to accomplish some things that will be beneficial to all Americans. I can’t stand Occasio-Cortez, but I think….hope!……Ted Cruz knows what he is doing, and I would love to get rid of all lobbyists!

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