You won’t believe who just helped the caravan invade America

Thousands of illegal alien migrants are still lurking just outside America’s Southern border.

In fact, the invasion has just begun.

And you won’t believe who helped a group of migrants sneak into America.

Two Democrat members of Congress – Jimmy Gomez and Nanette Barragan of California – escorted a group of migrants into America.

They were joined by immigration attorney and activists from an open borders group.

The group Families Belong Together wrote on Twitter:

We went to Tijuanawith @RepJimmyGomez, @RepBarragan, @AlOtroLado_org and @IMUMIDF to personally escort a handful of the most vulnerable refugees to a port of entry, including the mother and children pictured in the iconic tear gassing photo.

Among the group were unaccompanied children, Maria and her 5 children from the iconic photo, and 7 children who are at risk of aging out of protections because the Trump administration is forcing them to stay in Tijuana past their 18th birthdays.

When we got to the border, @CBP officials did not let us pass. There was zero transparency and their reasons kept changing. Deserving refugees didn’t even have a chance at safety.

The Trump administration created this crisis by deliberately stalling border processing and forcing refugees into a months-long wait to request asylum, placing their safety and lives at risk.

Democrats like to claim they aren’t for open borders.

This stunt proves that is a lie.

Two elected Democrats assisted illegal aliens in violating the sovereign borders of the United States of America.

It also demonstrates why Donald Trump needs to build the wall.

America has no control over its border if illegal aliens can just stroll across any time they please.

Congress needs to fund Trump’s wall which will create a real physical barrier that will prevent future caravan invasions.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Demonrats will not be happy untill we get hit with another 9-11. They are the most ignorant people in this whole world! I want people in Government to protect my Homeland, and the people in it! What’s up with you ignorant POS. I’m beginning to wonder if you all a. Unch of trolls that are part of Isis!You have to be, to not care about your country!

    • Sharon – – If those Radical Leftists really want all of those ILLEGAL immigrants to come here when they want, then LET them stay in your homes while they are here, and for as long as they want and then see what you are trying to FORCE the American public to address by our refusal a lot of those ILLEGALS trying to FORCE their way into America.

  2. Migrants from Terrorist Nations Try to Enter U.S. Via Mexico at Record Rates—300% Hike in Bangladeshis in Texas Alone

    Federal agents along the southern border routinely encounter individuals from terrorist nations and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) considers them one of the top threats to the United States, according to a congressional report made public this month. Titled “Stopping Terrorist Travel Through Illicit Pathways to the Homeland,” the document outlines the findings of a lengthy investigation involving Special Interest Aliens (SIA) by the House Homeland Security Committee.

    SIA’s are individuals from countries outside the western hemisphere—mostly the Middle East, Asia and Africa—that pose a national security risk to the U.S. In Laredo, Texas alone there was an astounding 300% increase in immigrants from Bangladesh, a south Asian Islamic country well known as a recruiting ground for terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda Indian Subcontinent (AQIS).

    Congressional investigators found that the number of SIAs flowing north via Latin America has increased tremendously in the last few years thanks to established Transitional Criminal Organizations (TCO) that facilitate travel along drug and migrant smuggling routes. “On a recent Committee staff delegation trip to Latin America, Panamanian officials communicated to Committee staff that tens of thousands of SIAs have entered Panama since 2014,” the report states. “Colombian officials communicated similar numbers to Committee staff, stating that hundreds of SIAs have entered Colombia each year for the past few years. In both countries, nearly all the SIA migrants were headed to the United States and originated from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa—including Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, India, Eritrea, and many others. Additionally, encounters with these special interest individuals resulted in the seizure of tens of thousands of fraudulent documents—including passports and visas—that facilitated travel from their countries of origin through the Americas.”

    The report includes several disturbing cases of Islamic terrorists who made it to the U.S. via Mexico. Among them are Mohammad Aldairi, a Jordanian arrested last summer in New York for illegally smuggling SIAs from Yemen across the U.S.-Mexico border into Texas.

    Others include Pakistani Sharafat Ali Khan, convicted for smuggling fellow Pakistanis with terrorism ties into the U.S.; Somalian Abdullah Omar Fidse, a member of the al-Shabaab terrorist group; Somalian Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane, a member al-Qaeda linked al-Barakat and Al-Ittihad Al-Islami and Lebanese Mahmoud Yousef Kourani, a fighter, recruiter and fundraiser for Hezbollah.

    Kourani paid a Beirut consular officer $3,000 for a Mexican visa and an additional $4,000 to be smuggled across the U.S.- Mexico border, according to information included in the report. Some of the other SIAs also operated smuggling rings through south and central America.

    “Latin America and the Caribbean are the major initial entry points to the Western Hemisphere for SIAs,” the House Homeland Security Committee report states. “Many countries in the region continue to face economic and governance challenges, as well as consistently high levels of violent crime. Additionally, many of the countries in the Americas have lenient visa and immigration policies in place, even for individuals from ‘special interest’ countries.

    Lastly, the frequency of international flights from ‘special interest’ regions around the world into Latin America and the Caribbean continues to increase. These regional issues create an attractive environment for illicit travel of SIAs and other nefarious actors into the Western Hemisphere with the end goal of reaching the United States.”

    Adding to the problem is that Hezbollah is “growing at an alarming rate in Latin America,” according to Committee investigators. “Designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the State Department, Hezbollah has been operating in Latin America since the early 1990s when it worked with Iran to carry out the 1994 bombing of a Jewish Community Center in Argentina,” according to the report.

    The House investigation found that, as of September 2018, a record 630 Bangladeshi nationals have been arrested trying to enter the U.S. illegally in Laredo, Texas alone. That marks a 300% increase from the previous year. “The routes facilitating the illicit travel of these Bangladeshis are mostly controlled by TCOs and drug cartels, which charge tens of thousands of dollars to smuggle SIAs and other migrants across the U.S.,” the committee writes.

    It also confirms what Judicial Watch reported months ago, that the recent migrant caravan has included several SIAs and suspected terrorists. Judicial Watch traveled to the Guatemala-Honduras border back in October and government sources in Guatemala confirmed that SIAs waiting to get smuggled into the U.S. through Central America integrated with poor Hondurans in the caravan. Among them were nationals of Bangladesh, which appears on the Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control’s Counter Terrorism Designations list.

  3. These lawyers should be hung with the rest of them aiding and abeding illegals! Soros money hard at work! Democraps new voters. They won’t be laughing long! Gitmos open for business.

  4. Why does anybody listen to Ben. He’s just a plant to rile everybody up . Everybody knows he’s a dumb shit and knows nothing.Don’t waste your time talking to that fool.

  5. The combination of Communist and sharia ideology party and that is both the Democrats and Rats are not above the law and neither are immigration attorneys they should all be charged for aiding and abetting a foreign threat because that is precisely what those illegal aliens are a threat to our way of life.

  6. The operations of the Muslim Democratic Party Crime organization that is running a coup on our President out right Treason at a time of war, supported by the trash called American voters by some

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    STAY STUPID PEOPLE, the majority of Americans like to laugh at your ignorance.

      • Can’t stop the brainless Democrat traders them posting on this site this one is just another Brainless Democrat traitor to the American people we don’t pay any mind to people like him he’s not even a person is heeven human I don’t know! This is one angry person full of hate feel sorry for this one So full of hate you must live a lousy life

    • You and your opinion mean nothing you scrambled brainwave wallflower Looney Libtard, you are probably due for another dose of the Psychotropic and Psychedelic drugs you have long been on and then off to listen to some more bullshit from the purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing Lamestream media commentators.

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        • This is for you Craig have no idea what the hell you’re talking about you must be demented your words don’t even make sense I feel sorry for you

    • You are reprehensible!!
      What those two did is straight up TREASON.
      If you are okay with that, then you also are a Treasonous unAmarican POS & I truly wish Karma to deliver unimaginable horror on you, that’s justice you commiecrat piece of swamp mess.

    • Fox smells his own hole! Funny the stupidest leftist find they way to a right-wing site and call people stupid, but there to stupid to realize, there the only one looking stupid!, typical dems

  8. As the past 3 Presidents have stated, WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS. In that fashion, why are these politicians NOT JAILED immediately. They have circumvented the law of the United States of America. Look at servicemen who married foreigners and their wives were deported, and/or threatened with deportation. These politicians must pay for their flagrant disregard of the LAW. NOBODY is above the law. It seems that there are several types of law for the citizens of America. NY AG sues the TRUMP FOUNDATION for what? What about the CLINTON FOUNDATION that has been known for years to be a sham? I am almost getting to the point of being disgraced to be an American with the BS from the far left and even the liberals.

    • OUR LAWS ARE ALL BARK AND NO BITE!!! IT is a Felony to assist anyone to enter the United States illegally. And as usual nothing will happen to these scum bag law breakers. just like the witch Waters basically calling for unrest.
      time for some western justice or a convention of states

      • I’m with you T-pac, no one should be or is above the law of the land. If either one of us did what they did we would be in jail if we were lucky enough to get across the border…

    • I thought the law pertaining to United States citizens marrying foreign nationalists hence making them United States citizens as well has always been enforced, damn!, not sure what my future is with this Australian nationalist lady but that was the 1 hope I always had for wedding her was that by doing so that by law she would automatically become an United States citizen, Aussies speak English and live under a Democratic Constitutional Republic unlike those cesspool Latin American nations or the demon muslims who practice the evil code of Muhammad/allah.

  9. These two are guilty of treason, aiding and abetting someone to violate the sovereign law of our nation. They need to be arrested, along with those they accompanied, and prosecuted for a crime against the citizens of America.

      • They have no brains not sure what caused them to be brainless. Maybe drugs, smoking dope etc. But they should have been arrested the moment they stepped into Ca. and the illegals put on a slow bus to wherever the alleged elected idiots picked them up. Can you say you are under arrest for bringing Illegals into the United States. Let’s throw away the key. I sincerely hope the people that these 2 halfwits represent turned into ICE agents along with the illegals.

    • Today some scrambled brainwave wallflower Looney Libtard asked a question about how they can assist in getting Donald impeached, another idiot replied that if Donald was impeached and removed from office Mike Pence would be appointed and Pence is likely to take far stronger tactics to abide by the laws of the land and adhere to the principles of which our Constitutional Republic are built, goodbye criminal and treasonous federal judges, goodbye “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama, goodbye She Demon Succubus bitch HRC as in kiss your ashes goodbye execution time for all, hopefully via the Guillotine and broadcasted live on national and world television.

  10. Don’t let any House Members or Senators back into the United States if they have any Illegals with them and insist that the Illegals be allowed in. That way these Politicians can’t vote.

  11. It should be known that every constituent (citizen) has the right and responsibility to contact the Congress person who represents the district in which they reside.
    I, for one will be sending my new [d]Congressman an introduction letter to let him know what I expect.
    I am challenging everybody here to demand in a polite letter that a proposal of CENSURE and REMOVAL for any member of the House who violates the trust and collective will of “We the People”. If they ignore or refuse, then that Representative shall be marked for a “primary challenge” and/or rejection in the next upcoming “general election”!
    “We the People” still have the power of change. But only if and when, we protest en masse the reprehensible actions of (rogue) Congressmen from districts outside of our own respective Congressional districts.

    • Jim….You are exactly right, but unfortunately, toooooooo many Americans talk a lot about our government, but never get their butts out to vote or are so hung up on party lines, they would vote for the Devil if he were in their party. Hopefully, now that we are really having an invasion by foreigners on our Southern border, some of these people will get off their duffs and write, phone or call their Senators and Congressman/woman and demand they support funding the Border Wall.

  12. These two DemonRat elected officials should be put in jail, surely this is against the law! OR They should be required to take immigrants home with them, support them, feed them, see to their medical needs, housing them, etc!!!

    • Dazzleme, that is the BEST answer ever! Make those two idiots take those illegals home with them, to live with them in their homes with their families! AND make those two be financially responsible for those illegals! That should WAKE THOSE CRAK HEADS UP FAST!

      • Those who are for open borders should move out of their gated community, take down fences around their homes, take the locks off their doors, and remove any alarm system that alerts them to intruders. Then post a sign saying all are welcome, I will house, feed, and take care of the medical needs of you, your children, and any relative that wants to live here.

    • If these democrats are breaking the law by bringing these illegals in, then they shold support these illegals financially instead of making us citizens do it, or maybe they should be included in the arrest for breaking the laws of our country!!!!! Real stupid thing to do

    • If they don’t go to jail for breaking the law, they should be deported to a country on the other side of where the wall should go. Then they can live with the invaders 24/7.

    • I agree and lose their seats in government. Why do we let them get away with stuff like this? Isn’t there a rule or law against something like this ? If not there should be.

  13. Jimmy Gomez and Nanette Barragan need to be arrested and removed from office for violating their oath of office. You all know the part about ” . . obey the laws and protect the Constitution. . . ” And the folks they escorted in should be deported and never be allowed to seek entry into the United States. When are we going to get sick of this shit and demand that the ELECTED MEMBERS OF CONGRESS, ALL JUDGES AND APPOINTEES OF THE VARIOUS FEDERAL AND STATE AGENCIES OBEY THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES. IF WE AS PRIVATE CITIZENS BROKE ANY OF THESE LAWS, WE WOULD BE STRUNG OUT TO DRY.

    • This bit of trivia news should be of no great surprise when it comes the doings of the Democrats! They don’t really care about immigrants or their legal citizen quest. All they see is a future Democratic voters as they hang the proverbial “carrot on a stick” to get what they want from them! Promise them everything and give them nothing back but Democratic indentureship hiding as illegals.

      • and voting illegally, as they already do and have been for years! Talk about “voter suppression?” OUR votes get suppressed every time an illegal votes!

  14. They should pay Mexican authority’s to assinate any Americans trying to bring illegals across border! Especially dems! Plenty of places to hide them! Cant have laws here if people like those 2 can just over an being them thru! Execute them! Dont talk about it! Burry them in the sand!

    • ICE Arrests 6.5K Convicted Murderer, Sex Offender Illegal Aliens This Year
      Source: Breitbart
      The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency arrested more than 6,500 illegal aliens who have been convicted of homicide and sexual offenses in Fiscal Year 2018.

  15. I hope these democrats took these illegals to there homes and will support them for ALL their needs including food and medical. I believe as long as these dedicated democrats promise to have these illegal people living the rest of their lives (foster parents) they can bring them across.

  16. when will this bullshit stop those two democrats should be arrested for aiding these illegals. how about aiding our homeless and veterans you assholes need to wake up and smell the roses

  17. Liberals like Soros encouraged financed the trip up from Central America. For over twenty years liberal Democrat politicians have been making sure that illegals get welfare, food stamps, housing, education and and free health care. They are getting better government hand outs than our own citizens at the poverty level.Illegals are free to roam our streets, burn our flag and terrorize our people. All encouraged by the liberal Democrats and the media. If they were not getting all the free handouts, do you believe they would have made the trip? Tell me again how this was all created by Trump.

    • They also get social security benefits better than the seniors who’ve paid into it their entire working lives. Look up the SSI and SSID statutes under social security if you doubt me. Further, LEGAL immigrants are not allowed to apply for any assistance. Only in freakin’ Washington’s cesspool can such absurdity perpetuate.

    • Those demoncraps should be charged with treason for helping the invading enemy enter our country. Traitors should be lined up against a wall and shot!

    • Ya, why are THEY getting it so good when there are veterans sleeping in cardboard houses – with NO income whatsoever – dumpster diving for supper!!!?!?!?!? Somebody has a warped sense of the facts when CITIZENS who risked our lives to DEFEND this country are literally thrown away to live on the street when FELONY lawbreakers are treated to warm homes, food stamps, free phones and the whole 9 yards! We – older Veterans – are lucky to live long enough to get Social IN-Security! The rest can freeze for all the Democraps care.

  18. Gomez just as Obama is most likely an illegal alien himself, time to kick CaliMexifornia out of the Union nothing but a Communist state and major liability to the patriots of this nation.

  19. California: I take you back to 1970 the end of the Vietnam war of which I was a combatant . So much of that state is and was relying on military contracts that the state nearly folded but it spread to all states after that. I saw the writing on the wall and headed back to the rust belt . No good jobs here either. Unless you already had a collage education. No money no collage no job unless you were a minority then they would bend over backwards to put you in electronics training, another worthless government training program. And then the instructor had a heart attack and the students had to try to fill the shoes of the instructor. What a trip! I wouldn’t ever move back to California, land of liberals and smog.

    • Frederick — first thank you for your service. From one vet to another feel like U.S. citizens are getting shafted — again. Have been and always will be a person who feels illegals need to meet with Puff the Magic Dragon — know you remember her — along with machine guns and a free body bag.

  20. Two elected Democrats assisted illegal aliens in violating the sovereign borders of the United States of America. So try them for Treason and failure to uphold their Oath of Office.Quick trial and execution

    • Agree, what’s the hold up here? I am beginning to think the republicans are scared of the democrats for some reason…arrest the law breakers including the elected idiots who broke the law along with all the illegals who constantly break our laws.

    • Go to the website on Military Tribunals that already have sealed indictment. Then go to the White House website and make your demand. I am an American Citizen who consider them DOMESTIC ENIMIES OF AMERICA! GOOD LUCK FRIEND!

    • ARREST THE BUILDERS OF THE CARAVAN and any MONEY Supporters and any elected official as TRAITORS ….TIME TO RID CONGT+RESS OF ALL PIMPS AND WHORES Starting with UPCHUCK Schmuckie .. BOTOX nance and kOMRADS of the (D) anarchy party!!!!

  21. These so-called Government officials need to be ARRESTED along with their lawyers for BREAKING the LAW and those who were escorted into the USA need to be DEPORTED asap…Also, FEDERAL funding to California needs to be CUT all the way….NOW, that would be setting an EXAMPLE for what NOT to do….

  22. I’m sorry, can you all not read? (1) THEY WERE ADMITTED LAWFULLY INTO THE US THROUGH A PORT OF ENTRY. THEY DID NOT SNEAK IN. (2) BECAUSE THEY CAME IN THROUGH THE LAWFUL POINT OF ENTRY, THERE WAS NO VIOLATION OF LAW. (3) BECAUSE THERE WAS NO ILLEGAL ENTRY OR OTHER VIOLATION OF LAW, NEITHER IDENTIFIED MEMBER OF CONGRESS CRIMINALLY AIDED THE ILLEGAL ENTRY OF THESE PERSONS. Sorry to write this in caps, but apparently you miss the point when it’s in lower case letters. Also, those of you who pretend to quote federal law should actually read it first, and those of you who rely on what some other commenter here has quoted should read what he cites.

    • You are an idiot. These people do not deserve to go to the head of the line because we have dim wits in Congress.

      We do not need more mouths to feed that provide ZERO to the USA and its citizens.

      I and many others intend to protect our families and communities and not give access to our social services to anyone who shows up.

      These people are NOT our responsibility.

      • The communistic democrats are paid by the bacteria bearded terrorist lobbyist and the Black Obama media to ruin Americans and our country! Obama built a wall for Nancy and Hillary, many years ago!
        I rather, my Taxes went to keep my family SAFE from lazy people with only enough brains to only “MAKE baby People” all day.

    • Really, Gary? Did they file papers before invading? NO THEY DID NOT! Did they file papers for asylum? NO THEY DID NOT! Can YOU not read Gary? Or are you just another illegal, with a fake name?

      • Docrat Polititians are demanding AMERICAN CITIZENS be Enslaved for Foreign Illegals and Foreign Aid and they Refuse To PROTECT AND SERVE AMERICAN CITIZENS! They are DOMESTIC ENIMIES OF AMERICA, Terrorist Against AMERICAN CITIZENS, TYRANNY, Overreach, Treason Against AMERICAN CITIZENS! Dand MILITARY TRIBUNAL IMMEDIETLY!

        • and doesn’t International Law say that if they did not ask for OR if they refused asylum in Mexico–they are no longer considered asylum seekers?

    • Federal prosecutor, and Dumoc rat I would guess! We’re you put in lace by the louse Obummer administration? I’ll bet you were! I don’t care where they came in at you and the idiots that helped them need to put up their needs until the recieve citizenship and get jobs and pay taxes and not send American money to any other country! Since both of the treasonous government ass from Californication did it keep them there and get help from Jerry brainless Brown! We aren’t paying for them they can stay in your homes!

    • Excuse me, as long as you are spouting federal law, you just might take a look at what legal bearing that the Executive branch of the United States is granted and has latitude, as per the Constitution of the United States to protect the national security of this country and its borders and he does not require the congress’s permission to do so. That means, for those of you living in Rio Linda, that due to the numbers of illegals that have presently shown up at our back door and that there is no way of immediately vetting them. Because it is highly doubtful that any of the countries that they are from have documents to verify who they actually are and where they actually come from. So just letting them all enter just on their say so doesn’t wash, nor does their need for jobs, free health care or anything they or you personally want. The President has the absolute discretion in any of these matters where our sovereignty and national security are at risk. This President and this administration has not made up any laws of their own in regards to immigration. Factually, the laws are already on the books………It appears that this is the first President and administration
      that is truly following those aforementioned laws, perhaps as long as I have been alive……..66 years……….The laws are just fine, it is individuals coming here need to know that they cannot dictate to the United States which way they want the laws to be, they just need to abide by them.

  23. Moon Beam wouldn’t have done anything but where the hell was the border patrol when this happened and why didn’t they stop this! they should have bounced a couple rubber bullets off the congress persons foreheads followed by FMJ.

  24. That being said by these illegal immigration enablers must all be held financially and legally responsible as sponsors for those they crossed with which would mean that they guarantee their hospitalization requirements, jobs, shelter, etc. and not the taxpayers.

    • Yes I keep saying they need to be responsible for these illegals. Than all this talk would stop and something would be done. Burnie has 3 houses.

  25. Two Democrat members of Congress – Jimmy Gomez and Nanette Barragan of California – escorted a group of migrants into America.

  26. Why not the Demorats need votes and most of us know that in California when they go for drivers license they get signed up to vote. Never heard of anything so stupid in my life.

  27. I resent paying for these invaders! We, the Citizens of these United States, pay for their every want and need. We pay for their healthcare, their housing, their food stamps, their children’s education, their welfare checks, their Obama Phones, their furniture, their children receive FREE Meals at school, the list goes on and on. These members of Congress, Jimmy Gomes and Nanette Barragan of California, have forgotten who they work for! They need to be drummed out of Congress, and put in jail for their crimes. These scum bags are working AGAINST the will of the people.

      • Clarence, if you are a follower of the law as your leader so frequently states he is, you would know it’s a FEDERAL crime to lynch anyone. So I guess you’re not a believer in the “rule of law”!!!!!!

  28. These two SHITBAG Democrat Members of Congress from California need to be arrested for breaking Federal Law and put in prison where they belong

  29. Traitors the POTUS should immediately stop benefits for non US citizens with no more children birthing in the USA, period, and put to traders WHO disregard our laws in prison loosing all their benefits for their vial act!

  30. What makes it OK for a couple of Democrat members of Congress to escort illegals into this nation and bypass the established laws?! These two should be arrested and tried for their actions!

    • I agree with you. They both took an oath to support, uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. They need to be charged with violating their oath of office, removed from Congress, fined,and have their names expunged from the records of Congress…..Build the damn wall!!!!!


    • They take the law into their hands with vigor and glee. Find out where these maggots live and make their lives so bad that they will volunteer deporting themselves to Mexico in perpetuity!

      • They didn’t take the law into their own hands as the LAW does NOT allow this kind of human TRAFFICKING…..They MADE UP their OWN law here just to DEFY President Trump and his supporters…..They BROKE the LAW period and need to go to PRISON along with their LAWYERS…….!!!! EVERYTHING else is just plain BS…!!!!

    • Why not the Demorats need votes and most of us know that in California when they go for drivers license they get signed up to vote. Never heard of anything so stupid in my life.

      • It’s NOT stupid but plain and simple law-BREAKING….I came here LEGALLY, got my driver’s license WITHOUT voter registration or signing up to vote, kind of AUTOMATICALLY, NOPE it’s NOT right and I have already said that California should NO longer receive FEDERAL funding as it makes ALL CITIZENS PAY for this lawLESSNESS…California has all but ANARCHY and the rest of the country should NOT support this, or having to be FORCED into this kind of ANARCHY by giving this State FEDERAL funds….

        • Yup, we pay for everything, they pay for nothing. Then they vote illegally and basically cancel out our votes. THAT’S voter suppression–the ONLY voter suppression going on here.

    • Why can’t you believe it? California is extremely liberal. They don’t care as long as they have cheap labor to do the jobs they feel are beneath them.

  32. If they truly love those people so much, they should open up their homes and invite them to live with and their families , treat them as their very own! That is true Charity, not Satanic sympathy ~~ using other people money as though it is their own to do Charity!! Falsehood!

    • oh, YES!! Jail’s too good for these perjurers, etc. Just what oath did either take???? They surely are NOT obeying the Constitution of the United States!!

  33. Don’t understand why Trump wants USA taxpayer money for his wall, after all his rhetoric always was Mexico will pay for it. So “righties” why is he demanding billions of dollars? Why, because Mexico is NEVER going to pay for it. Just more Trump BS and of course you followers gobbled up his yet again line of BS.

    • That is President Trump to you. If you don’t like it then pack up your bags and get out. These Congress Freaks have committed multiple Federal Offenses by Aiding, Abetting, and Providing Material Support and Comfort to these Enemy Combatants. They should be arrested and sent to GITMO for the rest of their miserable lives. Where is the FBI??
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

      • Sorry Richard, don’t have respect for a person that has NO respect for anyone other than the Trump clan and empire. Never read a post from you that referred to Obama as President Obama!!!!

        • Obama was the worse of them all plus being a dictaster too. Trump would have gotten this wall built long ago but libturds like you seem to want to fight him all the way and make this into a 3rd world country.


        • That’s because obama never did anything presidential. He was and is a traitor who should be tried for treason along with all of his ilk. Notice no capitalization be cause he doesn’t deserve that either. You, like other liberal trash, don’t deserve respect because you never give respect. You also don’t realize that respect must be earned because you have never looked beyond your self interest. You should migrate to England, Germany, or some other country in danger of loosing its identity to the hordes of criminals allowed into those countries by other liberal idiots.

      • Rob, hmmm economics, think the POTUS only economic interests are for him and his rich “cronies” The little people will pay for all the screwed up decisions (as time will point out) he will make. That deficit is skyrocketing but the rich are getting RICHER. Someone will have to pay the bill someday, maybe your kids or grandkids. Thought the Republicans were deficit hawks???? Not with this POTUS, after all he is the KING of debt!!!!!

      • Judy, Trump ranted during his entire campaign, don’t worry Mexico will pay for the wall. A major league line of BS….That’s what Trump does best, bullshits!!!!

      • But Judy, your cult leader stated over and over again, Mexico would pay, not USA taxpayers. More Trump bullshit. I sure as hell don’t want my taxes to fund that charade. Maybe all you Tumpanians can fund it!!!!

        • So Ben, would you rather continue paying hundreds of millions over the rest of your life to support these people? By building that wall, Mexico WILL pay for it in many ways. First of which is the reduction of wages paid to illegals who send it back to their home countries for additional relatives to come here. Trump has re-negotiated NAFTA to reduce the amounts paid to Mexico in what has been our upside down trade deficit that Clinton stuck us with when he approved it.

          • Frank, Trump hires “illegals” so as Don the Con tells his followers, do as I say, not as I do. Mexico will NEVER pay for Trumps wall….Open your eyes and use common sense. If your a backer for the wall, contribute to that Go Fund Me sight, but make sure you check that out in detail, after all that individual may be in cohoots with Don the “swindler” Read all the details about the deal on NAFTA and you’ll see its not as great as Trumpy’s propaganda is being feed to his followers.

    • Hey Ben do you know what you are talking abou,I don’t think so hey you dumbshit I live 20 miles from the border I see this shit EVERY frickin why don’t give them your home address you asshole

  34. All illegal aliens in our country should be rounded up and sent to all sanctuary cities and states without freedom to leave those places unless they are willing to move back to their country of origin. The sanctuary cities and states have the financial burden of anything related to the illegals. They get NO federal money- they wanted them, they can take care of them and THEN they can say: “look-at-us-see-how-NICE-we-are!!!

  35. California is run by a Liberal and I do feel sorry for the People who inhabit California. There must be some really nice people there and they are going to be over whelmed by a mass of Illegals. Not only will they be footing the Bill they will make California a Sewer with their families who live in squalor. Their only hope is to over run the Governor of California and take back control of their State.

  36. WHO THE HELL DO THESE SCUM PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE DO THEY THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  37. These laws are already “on the books”

    Subsection 1324(c) of Title 8 specifically authorizes state and local officers “whose duty it is to enforce criminal laws” to make arrests for violations of 8 U.S.C. § 1324.

    1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii) and this part of the law Section 274 felonies Federal Immigration and Nationality Act Section 8 USC under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, INA 274A(a)(1)(A):
    A person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government) commits a federal felony when she or he: * knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions.
    Penalties upon conviction include criminal fines, imprisonment, and forfeiture of vehicles and real property used to commit the crime.

    Why are these two clowns still walking around? They should be arrested immediately for harboring, aiding and abetting a criminal act.

    • I absolutely agree. They should immediately be dismissed from Congress and arrested on felony charges. All benefits to all illegals must be stopped immediately. All federal aid to sanctuary states and cities or municipalities should be stopped immediately. Members of Congress – we still want that wall built.

    • Trump Can’t arrest them. Its up to the Governor of California to do that. He is a Leftist Liberal that isn’t going to do anything but welcome them in there. California is already Bankrupt from this. Its up to the People of California to take the Governor and make him resign and the to take the State Back again.

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