You won’t believe who just pulled the rug out from under Nancy Pelosi on impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was stunned.

Her impeachment plan just blew up in her face.

And you won’t believe who just pulled the rug out from under Nancy Pelosi on impeachment.

Speaker Pelosi’s plan to withhold the articles of impeachment to pressure Senate Republicans into caving in and letting Democrats run a Senate impeachment trial fizzled.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell laughed at Pelosi’ pitiful threat and announced he had the votes within the Republican Congress to set the ground rules for a Senate trial and the House had no role in dictating procedure.

Pelosi withheld the articles for weeks during Congress’ Christmas and New Year’s recess, but once the Senate returned to Washington, D.C. it took just three days for Senate Democrats to abandon Pelosi and demand the Speaker transmit the articles.

POLITICO reports:

“The longer it goes on the less urgent it becomes,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). “So if it’s serious and urgent, send them over. If it isn’t, don’t send it over.”

Several other Senate Democrats also showed their impatience with the Democratic leaders’ strategy. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said Wednesday morning that Democrats “should move on” and send the articles to the Senate, and Sen. Jon Tester of Montana said he’s “ready” for the trial to start.

“We need to get folks to testify and we need more information … but nonetheless, I’m ready,” Tester said. “I don’t know what leverage we have. It looks like the cake is already baked.”

“I respect the fact that she is concerned about the fact about whether or not there will be a fair trial. But I do think it is time to get on with it,” said Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.).

Pelosi thought the maneuver would put the pressure on the GOP.

Instead, it’s Senate Democrats that are turning the screws on Pelosi.

Do you think Pelosi will cave on impeachment?

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  1. That’s for sure. Pelosi insisted on doing a “Star Chamber” rigged process of impeachment and tried to dictate the same process in the Senate trial. The Dems care nothing about due process, preferring the way it was done back in the Soviet Union under Stalin.

  2. Agree with you dprato. The money could have and should have been used for good deeds, not this falderal. One must remember the impeachment of our President started before we voted him in. This is a proven fact. The Democrats had more than one plan to oust Trump from the office ‘if’ he was voted in and more plans to oust him after the win. The reasons lately are just scratching for what is not there. And then there is the fake news feeds that publish all the blatherskite from those that hate Trump. And how the general public can hold this up? I’m astonished at the ignorance. Proof the Democrats have nothing is right before the faces of the public. God Bless our Country and God bless those that stand up for our country and it’s citizens.

  3. It warms my heart to witness this POS being “knocked down” a few pegs. Who does she think she is…The Almighty?

  4. I can just about bet that this is not over. The dems haven’t shown enough stupidity that will continue until the 2020 elections. It is written in their DNA now. They just can’t help themselves. Nancy has stepped in it without any adult supervision. The rest of the clan are Lemings. The Squad should be the next target for the Republicans. Need to get rid of all the dead weight. I call for term limits.

  5. Right. Since she knows the “impeachment” of Donald Trump is nothing but a lot of hooey and she will lose whatever respect she has left, I don’t think she’s anxious to go forward. The number of Democrats in the house running for president is what’s making her move now. They want to be free to travel and campaign.

  6. I don’t think Pelosi ever wanted to impeach Trump because she knew it would backfire.
    It’s the radical democrat base now that calls the shots. They forced Pelosi’s hand.

  7. Can you even begin to imagine Democrats being concerned with a fair trial after the abomination of their impeachment effort and they still haven’t come up with an impeachable offense even though they voted to impeach. Stupidity and a critical lack of ethics. Can you imagine the number of American Citizens they could have helped with the taxpayer money spent on all their shenanigans over the past three years.

  8. Too bad Pelosi did not take a vote on how many Democrats wanted her to turn over the Articles and PUBLISH that total! I know, I know, it would have been too humiliating for Pelosi!😂

  9. At the rate Pelosi’s going, I figure that the Senate will soon decide to vote the articles null and void because the House failed to send the articles to the Senate in a timely manner. Trump will automatically be acquitted and Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer will be sitting with eggs on their own faces. It’s also possible that Pelosi will also get censored and removed from the House. It’s time to move on to important issues instead of fake impeachment proceedings.

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