You won’t believe who just silenced Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham is one of America’s most prominent pastors.

He promotes a biblical worldview and traditional morals that appeal to millions of Americans.

But you won’t believe who just silenced his voice.

Tech companies censoring Trump supporters became one of the dominant stories in the latter half of 2018.

It all began when social media platforms colluded to ban pro-Trump radio host Alex Jones.

Liberal reporters claimed Jones was a conspiracy theorist and social media barons would never move to censor mainstream conservative thought.

All lies.

Facebook recently reached back to a post Franklin Graham made two years ago supporting a North Carolina law that prevented grown men from using the same bathrooms as young girls as the justification to take down his account.

Breitbart reports:

The post in question referred to rocker Bruce Springsteen’s comments calling House Bill 2— also known as the bathroom bill— a step “backwards instead of forwards.”

“He says the NC law #HB2 to prevent men from being able to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms is going ‘backwards instead of forwards,’” Graham’s post from 2016, which referred to Springsteen, reads. “Well, to be honest, we need to go back! Back to God. Back to respecting and honoring His commands.”

Graham, whose Facebook page has been restored, called the social media giant’s censorship efforts a “problem.”

“The problem with Facebook, if you disagree with their position on sexual orientation then you could be classified as hate speech, or that you’re a racist. This is a problem,”
Graham said.

Graham quickly alerted his millions of followers and the public outcry forced Facebook to back down.

But that raised even more disturbing questions.

Social media companies are the public square and platforms like Facebook are how Americans communicate with one another.

How many conservatives who don’t have massive fan bases see their online presence snuffed out by left-wing tech companies?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Hey pedophile, did you go in with children of the opposite sex or anyone else of the opposite sex? Pull your head out of your crackpipe and get a clue, we dont want sexual deviates around us. I say what I say and I don’t care if the digital rags censor me or not, I just don’t care!

  2. I’ve done the same thing! For many years, Target was my favorite store, until they started knocking conservatives and then changed their restrooms to unisex.

  3. I agree, this left wing political carp needs to stop, the world is turning to carp with their craziness!!!!!

  4. As I read it the original backwards comment was made by Springsteen…The post in question referred to rocker Bruce Springsteen’s comments calling House Bill 2— also known as the bathroom bill— a step “backwards instead of forwards.”….so why wasn’t Springsteen targeted for censorship? Oh yea he is one of them. A Trump hating liberal piece of crap.

  5. Roger, I just deleted my fb account yesterday. Giving our personal info out was one thing, but now asking for home and cell phone numbers and your physical address? Creates a lot of suspicion in my mind.

  6. Typical Liberally stupid and Mentally sick people would want to have sex with someone of the same sex. Not what God had intended.

  7. I agree with you Marsha! Everything you said is right on! How many more Americans think as we do?? More than the fake media wants us to know.

  8. It is funny , I was in a store the other day and one of the restrooms was out of order, everyone just took turns using the one restroom.. Move on people

  9. I agree with you but, let me say this and I believe you know it to be true. Unless God comes back today…. Many people will say they are Christian but, that is an in your face belief, they go about their daily lives sowing and doing which is perverted while they spew diversity. They are not worried about tomorrow because, they truly do not believe that Christ really existed, that the Bible is the truth. They do not fear an everlasting hell, that when it is over, it is over. Yes, they go to church (perhaps only as a face saver), they pray for the sick and departed but, they do not pray for anything that is moral, they do not pray that God will guide them and follow in his foot steps. They do not pray for Trump because if he wins, Satan looses and so do they. What more can I say, the truth is out there but, who believes, actions speak louder than words.

  10. I have never gone to the store “Target” since Obama stirred up the trouble about bathrooms. Target was one of the first to change their bathrooms to unisex. That day I walked out of Target and have never entered their store since.

  11. All i know is Gods word is true. Scripture says …if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves – turn from their wicked ways – then I will hear from Heaven and heal their land. ….seems pretty simple to me . shut your mouth …get on your knees. It matters not what we say.

  12. Mr. Franklin is right. The comments about men using the ladies room is ridiculous. We’re putting our girls at risk and there have been reports of molestations from men dressed as women. Democrats passing these crazy laws are just ridiculous. We need to protect ourselves. Democrats are wiping out the middle class/working class and our safety. The illegals in many areas are wiping out neighborhoods. People are leaving their homes and their states because of the worst thing of living situations. many have said they’re buying guns for their own protection. It is reported one congresswoman wants to introduce Sharia law-perhaps two. Again we have to protect our girls because Sharia law does not appear to punish rapists and they continue. We’re being pressured to speak Spanish in our everyday lives in an English-speaking country. We’re becoming aliens in our own country. Someone should be able to speak out truthfully without being blocked! The wealthy and celebrities really don’t care because they have security, walled property and finances to keep them protected. The US will become rich and poor-a third world country.

  13. You are so right Claudia I wish everyone could have as good a brain waves and thinking as Donald and you and I . the Conservative movement . The left has no intension of helping the agenda FOR the people and America. All they know and have their sights set upon is taking over the country we the people love so much . They are only interested in their own pocket books and being very rich and ruling the . History is repeating itself isn’t it ?

  14. May God open his eyes and repent ! Keep praying for him and all Jews to see the Truth and the Life and the Way

  15. You are so right. I’m wondering how good would have had Americans if Our President would have let to do his job without the left fighting him this badly. I believe this country USA would have the most wonderful days of their lives. So sad these people missed the opportunity. May God Bless USA and wake up the citizens ! Blessings to our awesome President and his family !

  16. You are so right. I’m wondering how good would have had Americans if Our President would have let to do his job without the left fighting him this badly. I believe this country USA would have the most wonderful days of their lives. So sad these people missed the opportunity. May God Bless USA and wake up the citizens ! Blessings to our awesome President and his family !

  17. The moment you succeed, the opposition will do everything they can to shut you down. Don’t expect fair play.

  18. How can a site like FB be established by Conservatives.Best way to beat them is play the game better than FB.

  19. The bible is fulfilling fastly….these liberal , christian hating sites and their supporters will face a judgement never before seen..God warns of these people and their impending judgement and how Christians will become an outcast..good will be seen as bad and bad will be seen as good…just take a look at our corrupt, ungodly democrat congress people and all the sick legislation they are promoting…they maybe laughing today, but somewhere in the future they will wish they were never born….Christians should ban Facebook from their everyday life….

  20. Facebook executives must be a bunch of perverts.Us normals get caught using a public rest room with young kids it isn’t pretty.Facebook Inc.should be sued for millions for censorship.

  21. No facebook, no twitter, no instagram, no LinkedIn. No social sites. I just don’t trust them and NOW look what happened to Franklin Graham! If that doesn’t tell ya to get off the site, then nothing will.

  22. God Made Man to join with a woman and not a Man with a man or a woman with a woman. All of these people that are defying God’s laws will pay at the end of their lives eventually and their souls will suffer in the burning pits of HELL.

  23. No FaceBook account. No Twitter account. No Instagram account. Never had any of them. Unfortunately for many conservatives still attaching to these accounts, it is not too surprising. What we need is to join a new social network that root deeply in the conservative world.

    There is a need of a vast conservative movement coming together to abandon all these tech companies. We need to do it … now. The next election is coming!


  24. There have already been a few sites where a nobody such as myself have been shut out of because I am suspected of being a “bot”

  25. When will people wise up and just dump facebook? C’mon people, believe it or not there is life without facebook!

  26. I belong to a group called “Believers”. It is a group sponsored by a devout Christian lady. She just posted over the weekend that a couple of videos that she posted recently were blacked out and she was put in – for lack of a better term – “Facebook prison” for a short time to discipline her for posting these videos. She was told that these contained hate messages and they were divisive. I guess anything that doesn’t follow the liberal thought process is divisive. Yet Louis Farrikan can use hate talk against the Jewish people and talk about extermination and various other liberals can talk of bombing Israel, etc., but that is OK? I just don’t get it.

  27. Yep, Facebook is just a leftist organization that want to control you with censoring free speech! The political correctness shaping of America, which is really very anti-Constitutional….and TRAITOROUS to our country!

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