You won’t believe who Obama ranked ahead of in this list

C-SPAN released a survey of historians who ranked the performance of past presidents.

They took into consideration qualities including crisis leadership, economic management, moral authority, and relations with Congress.

But many were raising eyebrows when they saw where President Obama landed on the list.

President Obama ranked 12th overall — ahead of Presidents James Monroe and Andrew Jackson, and just behind Woodrow Wilson.

Even more surprising is President Obama ranked 8th in “Economic Management” despite the fact that Obamacare has ravaged the economy.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor force participation rate — a key indicator of economic health — dropped at a faster rate than during any presidency since they began keeping track of it.

But one historian didn’t think his ranking was high enough.

Edna Greene Medford, a Howard University professor, told Politico:

“Although 12th is a respectable overall ranking, one would have thought that former President Obama’s favorable rating when he left office would have translated into a higher ranking in this presidential survey.”

But one indicator put Obama near the bottom.

President Obama ranked 39th in “Relations with Congress.”

This just goes to show that partisanship has skyrocketed over the past eight years.

You can see the full survey here.

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  2. oBOZO is a lying SOB, he wants to get back in the White House at any cost, he would have big plans if kilLIARy had won as president. Clinton would have put Barry in the Supreme Court and he would have gotten his most desired prize of Gun Control but she lost and oBOZO did too. Barry and the Clintons should all be charged and convicted of TREASON.

  3. David it could not gave been said any better. Obama sold his kind down the river, but his kind is to ignorant to recognize it and still supported him. Carter was a gutless coward!!!!!!!!

  4. The only good thing about Obama is he made Jimmy Carter look good. Carter is no longer the worst president in history!

  5. Ms. Edna Greene Medford belief that Obama should be ranked higher based on his popularity upon leaving office is at best misguided but her blatant Racism is the driving force behind her OPINION. Ms. Medford is clearly a racist who thinks Obama’s skin color is a reason to sanctify him. Obama’s economic, military and social policies have proven to be a complete failure. ISIS is a direct result of his misguided military judgment. huge increase in food stamp recipients is further evidence of his desire to enslave the American populace on the “Dependence Plantation” and the dramatic increase of illegal immigrants combined with the complete emasculation of ICE are further proof of the failure of his immigration policies. If Ms. Medford was completely honest she would rank Obama close to the bottom of presidential rankings if Obama was White. She is clearly Racist is and her personal bias and prejudice renders her completely BLINDED racially.

  6. Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, belongs at the bottom of any and every list. He is a Kenyan-born foreign student and therefore an imposter. He is the most un-American person to ever walk on US soil and has thus contaminated it with his anti-American, unwelcome presence. Deport him NOW.

  7. All this poll demonstrates is that leftist ‘historians’ are unable to divorce their political allegiances from such polls; it says virtually nothing about the abilities and accomplishments of the men in question. A more apt assessment would have both Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama below 40; perhaps sometime a less partisan poll will place them there.

  8. Proves widespread ignorance. But the kids learned the words to “MMM-MMM-MMM” before they learned Jack and Jill.

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