You won’t believe why Ilhan Omar is getting away with one major crime

Americans refer to Washington, D.C. as the “Swamp” for a very good reason.

Corruption reigns supreme in Washington where the elites apply a different set of rules for themselves than the rest of the nation.

And you won’t believe why Ilhan Omar got away with one major violation of the law.

Ilhan Omar is a member of the House Progressive Caucus.

She and fellow travelers stand accused of using the Congressional Progressive Caucus Center – a 501c(3) nonprofit group – to illegally advance their socialist policies by subsidizing staffers’ work in their congressional offices on progressive issues.

But Omar will face no accountability.

That’s because experts report Speaker Nancy Pelosi will look out for her own and not move to punish them for violating federal law.

The Daily Caller reports:

But although the progressive caucus’s relationship with the outside charity group “seems like a clear violation of the rule,” there likely won’t be any consequences anytime soon, Acton Institute editor Joe Carter, who has researched congressional caucuses, told TheDCNF.

“Article 1, section 5, clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution says that, ‘Each House may … punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member,’” Carter said. “Based on previous history, the most severe punishment would likely be censure or reprimand of the leaders” of the progressive caucus.

“But that isn’t likely to happen under Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi,” he continued. “The most that will happen—if any action is even taken—is that they will have to promise to do a better job of complying with the rules in the future.”

If there is anything Americans hate about Washington, it is that elected officials get away with violating laws that every day Americans would be punished for.

Speaker Pelosi looking the other way on clear lawbreaking is why many Americans no longer believe Washington works for them.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Well people be prepared. Obviously they’re never going to do anything about anything. This is our new society. If you’re a white person you’re on your way out.

  2. This is exactly why we need a President like Trump to try an clean out the corruption in Washington. It has been going on way to long, that’s why want to get him out of office so that they can get back to business as usual.

  3. As said before: A two tiered justice system. Allow me the pleasure of doing some PATRIOT math for all the liberal traitors and thieves in the House…two tiered justice = two steps off the gallows platform. This country is close to boiling over and the Democrats are too stupid to even turn down the heat.

  4. It’s going to be hilarious when these fools in DC discover that by not holding their own accountable to the law that the rest of the country decides they have no authority to hold anyone accountable either. Watch them cry to high heaven when they start dropping like flies. They’re no better than anyone else, and if the law doesn’t apply to them, it doesn’t apply to anyone else either. Now that’s dangerous.

    • This story is stupid as hell. Nancy Pelosi can’t stop anyone from getting arrested that’s under her. That’s why we have oversight committees. I’m deleting this site it’s got were their as bad as cnn news. sad

      • Do not make me laugh. The oversight committees are just as corrupt as the rest of the Politicians which are aided and abetted by the slime ball fake News Media People. All should be be put on trial for Treason and Murder, found guilty, jailed or hung as the law allows. Just what has these criminals given us the American Citizen? Hundreds of Federal Agencies that now Rule and not Govern as should be.Take just one Agency the FDA which is Pharmaceutical Control with Payola that goes to grease the Palms of these slime Politicians. To make the point a quote from one of their own: “THE THING THAT BUGS ME IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THE FDA IS PROTECTING THEM. IT ISN’T. THE FDA IS PROTECTING THE PROFITS OF THE CORPORATIONS THAT PAY US AND THE POLITICIANS!”. Herbert Ley M.D. Former FDA Commissioners. For this palm greasing payola the FDA and the Politicians approve many poison Drugs that kill and not cure anything. How many deaths each year from these approved poison drugs? Over 100,000 each year and no one mention this or even cares. So, just where is your heroes the Oversight Committees?

  5. Most of us who are disgusted overlook the fact this raghead spider monkey bitch is not the problem, she’s a symptom. When we let her kind pollute our nation, they occupy a district with enough voters to elect one of their own vermin. We did that in Miami with many Cubans, including Little Marco, but Cubans are the most successful immigration to ever come to America (at least my 1960s demographic) and we’re not trying to overthrow the US Constitution and impose Sharia-these sub humans are! We need to stop ANY & ALL chain migration of Muslims and not let any more in, it’s that simple. 1-2 House districts is bad enough! We also have to win back the House, elections have consequences and we’re paying dearly for running shitty candidates in 2018 and staying home out of disgust, which cost the GOP the House.

  6. If we Republicans do not stand up against these communist traders, we will adventually loose our country to them. They do not believe that our laws apply to them, only citizens and Republicans! It’s time we rise up against them, and what they are doing to our President!

    • We Republicans put them in power!! We elected generations of RINOs like Paul Ryan and failed to remove them out of laziness and disconnect. We added insult to injury by letting the RNC honchos run horrible, flawed candidates, even elected some of them ourselves in our primaries. A perfect example was FL 26 & 27. We ran a spineless RINO, Carlos Curbelo (FL26), who got beat by a f***ing anti-gun, liberal Ecuadorian who did her homework and ran a perfect campaign against him. We also ran a foo foo spanish language news media gal, cute but weak, in a district full of liberal Jews and she lost to that filthy bull dyke Donna Shalala. Those were 2 of 42 seats the Dems flipped last Nov. and now we’re whining about Leatherface Pelosi? We did it to ourselves and with the amount of N.E. trash moving out, taking their liberalism with them and f***ing up up our red districts, we may never get the House back unless we stop treating elections like garden parties and start treating them like wars!

      • Carlos, right on! We have all heard “he looks creepy. I just have a bad feeling”. “She’s kinda cute. I think she should run”. We are in a society that we have allowed appearance and “personality” to determine people’s fitness for office. We all would do better to look at substance and strength of character for the best traits for electability.

  7. Washington sucks rotten eggs, and most shouldn’t be in office
    too bad low information voters put them there and won’t throw them out on the street

  8. It’s possible to believe Anything These Days, considering All The Past Insane Stunts
    Pulled By CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump!

    • You’re overboard and off of subject — universal Democrat strategy for whenever they bark up an empty tree, which is most of the time!

    • Stunts by trump all I read about are the foolish stunts and corruption by democrats and muslim democrats…what did trump do but save america from muslim ruin so far…

    • Betty…in place of wild statements try including a reference such that anyone can look it up. That would help with your belief if that is what you truly think.

    • Betty, do you have a mental problem? The stunts are by the democrats! Good Lord you’re allowed to vote! This is scary because you are not the only one out there who is fooled! I have a sister just like you!

    • Betty what have they gotten done so far? They are over grown children and because they don’t like their President they are not doing their jobs. If your average person did what these brats do at work we would get canned on the spot. We are paying them to act like spoiled brats and not do a thing worth while. One good thing tho #walkaway is growing and I welcome them.

    • Betty what have they gotten done so far? They are over grown children and because they don’t like their President they are not doing their jobs. If your average person did what these brats do at work we would get canned on the spot. We are paying them to act like spoiled brats and not do a thing worth while. One good thing tho #walkaway is growing and I welcome them.

    • Democrats need to be tried for obstruction of Justice. And while we are at it their followers too! Trump s so dumb that in spite of dumocrats has done more in 2 years than obuma did in 8. The only thing obuma did was import thousands like omar into America.

  9. I think she should be attached to Pelosi and then they both could share a cell for all their crimes cause someone will finally get fed up and they will both be taken care of. The Dems will lose and in 2020 the entire party will suffer. God will step in and the DEMS will finally see the light. We all just need to pray our way through this.

  10. I am truly sick of that woman getting away with absolutely everything, because Nanny Pelosi is too scared to tell her to smarten up and fly right! Nanny Pelosi’s utter HYPOCRISY when it comes to dealing with members of her own Party is astonishingly short sighted. I do believe that it will come back to bite her in the a$$!

  11. Why isn’t someone in the law enforcement who is in charge of ENFORCING the LAW do their job and go after these individuals you are mentioning of violating Artical 1, Siction 5, Clause 2 of the Constitution? Instead of just reporting on news and media!! They ALL MUST STAND ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS, PERIOD!!!!!. I respect of all of them but, they’re not ABOVE the law!!!. Some one tell Mrs. Omar or remind her that we (immigrants) to the United States of America must abide by its laws and orders. She wouldn’t be where she’s at now if she was still back in her country. Also tell her if she doesn’t like it here, move back where ever she’s from!!!!!!!!!!.

  12. This just another REASON to do away with the Party system and require the elected members of congress to ANSWER to THEIR VOTERS and not under the thumb of someone from a different State or District holding power to OUR ELECTED REP……

  13. If it’s okay for her to break the law, then it’s okay for the rest of us to break the law. Or does she get some kind of special treatment?

  14. Oh I believe it….She is a radicalized Muslim and there fore Exhonerate her by the (D) party of TRAITORS from having to be held responsible under US LAWS….They rather waste 26 Million dollars by Mueller for two years over RUSSIA COLLUSION when it took two weeks to KNOW that it was a NOTHING BURGEER..and after 100 days the PELOSI KOMRADS still have done NOTHING as far as GOVERNING for the good of the Country .. NO HC,,, NO bridges, roads, and nO IMMIGRATION solutions to the LAWLESSNESS they created…..

  15. She needs to be removed from office she and the other Muslim Congress women have made many statements that they will do what ever it takes to make American people pay for what we did to her country. That is a threat of the America. When I have seen it on facebook and have reported it to facebook as offensive to me that it needs to be taken down facebook refuses, but when I post about how great of a job the president and first lady are doing I’m bullied and my post are automatically taken down by facebook. Double standards if you ask me… I think President Trump needs to do what he can to have NANCY PELOSI fired for not doing her job. She is not defending American people if she is always allowing this woman to talk and do the things she doing… But on the other hand I do not see any republican standing up and saying enough is enough either. God help us..

    • I know Julia…it happened to me also….and you are right about Omar’s terroristic threats to America. She needs to be far, far away from anything involving secrets or government period!! Praying the Lord will keep evil at bay for the sake of His people. And I trust He will go before all our enemies.

    • Julia:
      Keep dreaming. Unfortunately Omar will not be reprimanded for her hatred of Jews and nonbelievers in her cultist faith that isn’t a faith at all as it doesn’t fit the criteria of a religion at all since it sanctions violence against anyone who doesn’t believe in its philosophy. It’s because she’s against Christians which the left will guarantee her reelection.

    • It is amazing how FB is. I has a post about a Somali refugee who raped 10 yrs old girl in Minnesota and called him a vile creature and they gave me a warning saying I was using hate speech. When does the truth become hate speech?

  16. So, it’s OK to violate federal law. It means NOTHING! Especially if Sheriff Pelosi is in town. Wonder how far that crap would fly if a Republican was in those shoes?

    • You called it right Nate! Nothing is being done to the real criminals….but if a Republican were to do the same thing as them…they would have been jailed a long time ago. The problem being…they protect their own! We need more Republican congressmen and women to come along side our President and step up and support the American people’s needs.

  17. This site publishes a lot of outright lies, there is enough hate going on, there is no room for this. It’s becoming like crazy Rush.

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