You won’t like what the U.S. military just had to say about coronavirus

The coronavirus is now affecting the United States military.

There is no aspect of American life that remains untouched.

And now you won’t like what the U.S. military just had to say about coronavirus.

The Pentagon recently announced that a marine stationed at the Defense Department tested positive for coronavirus.

“A U.S. Marine stationed at the Pentagon tested positive for COVID-19 on March 24,” the Pentagon statement read.

“The Marine is in isolation at his home and will undergo further assessment by health professionals. His last day in the Pentagon was March 13,” the statement added.

The Pentagon announced that the marine’s workplace had been sanitized to prevent infection.

“His workspace has been cleaned by a Pentagon response team and a thorough contact investigation is underway to mitigate risk and preserve the health of the workforce at the Pentagon,” it said.

This was not the only announcement from the Defense Department about the coronavirus.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced there would be no overseas troop movements for the next 60 days.

That also applies to the families of service members and is intended to cut down on travel that could infect the troops as well as keep infected troops from spreading the coronavirus.

It is now clear that for at least the next several weeks and months the coronavirus is here to stay.

The United States military is taking every precaution possible to protect the troops and keep them healthy during this pandemic.

That is what every American expects.

But the order to stop all troop movements for 60 days suggests the pandemic could be with Americans a lot longer than previously thought.

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