You won’t like what the U.S. military just had to say about coronavirus

The coronavirus is now affecting the United States military.

There is no aspect of American life that remains untouched.

And now you won’t like what the U.S. military just had to say about coronavirus.

The Pentagon recently announced that a marine stationed at the Defense Department tested positive for coronavirus.

“A U.S. Marine stationed at the Pentagon tested positive for COVID-19 on March 24,” the Pentagon statement read.

“The Marine is in isolation at his home and will undergo further assessment by health professionals. His last day in the Pentagon was March 13,” the statement added.

The Pentagon announced that the marine’s workplace had been sanitized to prevent infection.

“His workspace has been cleaned by a Pentagon response team and a thorough contact investigation is underway to mitigate risk and preserve the health of the workforce at the Pentagon,” it said.

This was not the only announcement from the Defense Department about the coronavirus.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced there would be no overseas troop movements for the next 60 days.

That also applies to the families of service members and is intended to cut down on travel that could infect the troops as well as keep infected troops from spreading the coronavirus.

It is now clear that for at least the next several weeks and months the coronavirus is here to stay.

The United States military is taking every precaution possible to protect the troops and keep them healthy during this pandemic.

That is what every American expects.

But the order to stop all troop movements for 60 days suggests the pandemic could be with Americans a lot longer than previously thought.

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  1. I have been watching this virus spread around the world like a wild fire and one thing strikes me as very odd. China where this virus started has been reporting the numbers they have but in the past 2 weeks those numbers are so small for a population of 1.4 billion people. However what is not odd is that China is hiding the truth of how many people have it and died from it. The last report I read stated that China has in the last 4 weeks 21 million fewer cellular accounts. Do you really think that only 3200 people have died in China?
    This virus is going to get a whole lot worse before it dies out. We are going to see millions of people die world wide before this pandemic ends.

  2. Why does so many people, especially the Democrats want to blame Trump for this virus.. That’s a lie from the pits of hell when saying he knew about this virus long before he told us..We learned about it very soon after he did.. He’s an honest loving, caring man with a big loving heart..And yes, he does say what he thinks and sometimes he steps on some peoples toes a bit, but he is still president of these Unites States of America and we should stand by him and support him.. Most of what he says should be said!! This constant blaming him is a disgrace to all of us that love the Lord.. You Democrats are so lost in your thinking it is sickening. If you want to know what is happening and will continue to happen until Jesus calls His children home Read the Bible.. Read Psalms 91 and you’ll see plaques mentioned as this one.. We live in a fallen world and we will reap what we have sown. To bad the good reaps what the wicked sow as well.. But that’s the way a fallen world works. It rains on the just and the unjust. Regardless of what all of you are thinking and saying here, this is real.. We are all subject to getting this terrible plaque that was man made by China. .. Prayer is the answer and the only answer.. And yes, we are all in this together and we should try to be civil. The worse is probably yet to come. Prayer is the answer.. God could remove this thing from the earth in the twinkling of the eye.. And if we really come together in prayer this could happen.. Read the Bible.. He preformed miracle upon miracles.He raise the dead, made the blind to see, healed the crippled and so much more. He is still the same God today as He was then.. So stop gripping and finding fault and PRAY!!!!!

  3. “jreb57-Climate change has been around forever.”
    And so has CO2, sometimes in larger amounts during an ice age (according to ice core samples). What is wrong from a scientific point about the IPCC report is that so-called greenhouse gasses have caused whatever temperature increases the IPCC is claiming.

  4. JSA and James, you guys are lower than low disparaging a war hero after he is dead! Wouldn’t expect anything less from guys who worship a draft dodging coward ! Semper fi! And take those lies and shove em where your lips are stuck on Trump’s Ass! Have A Nice Day!

  5. Vote democrat and get the likes of nancy pelosi, who only cares about getting her garbage bills into congress. So ignores the people.

  6. To LJ
    John McCain’s fellow POW’s did not call him Songbird for no reason. Think about that before you continue your high praise of him.
    (Vietnam Vet- 2 tours)

  7. I voted for Trump, but now he is blaming my Governor Whitmer (who I did not vote for). He is backstabbing the people who voted for him… Michigan! We are dying here along with the rest of the country.
    I will NEVER vote again!!! Who is worse the demorats, or a president who is not helping a state because a Governor hurt his feelings. Grow up trump, you are turning into an a**!

  8. Howdy Dooty, you nailed it! It’s EVERYONE’S responsibility to insure that we do EVERYTHING possible to get through this time. Don’t congregate in large numbers, stay at home as much as possible. Take responsibility for yourself. Do your best to follow the guidelines set by the powers that be. Remember, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, REGARDLESS OF ETHNICITY, CREED, OR POLITICAL AFFILIATION.

  9. I’ve read the messages by “Concerned Democrat”. You are unbelievable in your thinking! In my “humble opinion,” anybody who votes for a democrat must be “brain dead”. I was a democrat until 2013, never voted for Obama in 2008 and changed politics in 2013. Had nothing to do with his race; just his background was enough for me.

  10. I read a few of these comments and as A CITIZEN be in in this Country (baby boomer) and as a Democrat since 18, I can guarantee you NO ONE in my family or at work or at church or in the neighborhood… Is BLAMING TRUMP FOR THE VIRUS. NO!!!! BUT!!!!
    When you look at history, one is World War 2, you See HOW AMERICANS came together and helped each other to fight the evil abroad in Nazi Germany and in Japan…
    Roosevelt’s , Truman, Eisenhower,Kennedy,yes even Nixon,
    [Ford 😶and Carter😐]
    Reagan ,Bush 1 , Clinton , Bush2,
    Each of these President not in [] raised up!!! To the challenge….
    Met the challenge….
    And WON.
    I know a lot of bloggers just want to add comments and not read…
    But just do your homework and you will see the TRUTH.
    Failed the U.S.😡🙏😇💪

  11. GUNDY FACT FINDR heh heh heh there are those that thrive their ‘mouths water’ when given the chance to help / assist in helping someone FAIL BITE THE DUST but but this is quo for the time. INSTEAD of making the world a bettr place it’s bettr to be part of the problem instead of part of the solultion……Typical DEMOSCRAT notion…we’ll just do it ’till we have to wear glasses

  12. Climate change doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Bio-Warfare. Just watch how fast China gets this little issue cleared up…Chinese Communist Party has a vaccine, you think they would provide the rest of the world with help??? Have they before??? Hell No…Trusting Chinese and Demorats is like trusting a rattlesnake snake lying on the pillow next to you…

  13. jreb57-Climate change has been around forever. There was the ICE AGE, then the DROUGHT, the FLOODING. When I was a teen we had the drought that brought a mass attack of Locust and that was in California so people who are blaming climate change are just wanting to place blame on something. Changing of climate has been around as long as I can remember. PEOPLE, just do your part. Stay in. The President is doing what he is suppose to be doing directing not taking blame for people who didn’t do their part. Governors are also suppose to be directing their state. Gavin Newsom in California is actually stepping up.

  14. Sweet Jesus keep & protect your people against the Communist deep state trying to take over!Thank you for Pres.Trumps love for USA! John No Name involved w/Isis,Ran Guns to our enemy.He was in Group Pic.w/Abadaddie.True Traitor!!Not the only one if that makes you happy stupid.Pres.Trump 2020🇺🇸 Red on ALL down ticket.Get rid of China Communist Democrats!!!!

  15. This is not climate change. It was in a lab in China so how could climate change have anything to do with it. NO one knew how deadly this was because China was not giving us info. Quit blaming Trump. This is not going to get us through this crisis and everyone has to do their part. It’s not the governments part to take care of us but to try and find solutions and direct us. People need to take it seriously and STAY HOME

  16. I for one would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. I’m sure military and law enforcement families would agree…add a few more from Congress like AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Pressley, Schiff, etc. to the list for good measure…

  17. I see the ignorance of people blaming the Corona virus epidemic on Trump, climate change and anything else they can think of.
    When a Communist government has scientists make bio-engineered weapons. Which gets away from the facility where it’s made. Then they try to hide the fact they made it. There’s nobody else to blame but the government of China.
    Did they make it to try and get rid of their elderly population? Or did they purposely leak the virus to see what would happen? I don’t think we will ever know? Since the doctor that was involved with it is now dead.
    People need to stop casting blame on anything they don’t like. Microbes don’t care if you are Democrat, Republican, rich or poor. We need to fight this virus like we do with the flu, or any other type of virus. As our government is trying to keep the majority of the population away from one another, just to prevent the spread of the virus. All in hoping it will just burn itself out, through allowing it’s gestation period to pass without infecting new people.
    We are being inconvenienced in our lives right now, but hopefully we can control the spread of the virus.
    The government is doing what government is supposed to do. Protect the population of the country. The problem is people today, do not want to take responsibility for themselves. They think government is supposed to take care of them, which it is not. Government’s role is to provide direction to how deal with this problem. But you still need to take care of yourself. Government cannot prevent you from putting yourself in a hazardous situation. Only you can try to keep yourself safe, while government gives you direction.
    So if you decide to go out and have a basketball or football game, during this 2 week time trying to break the cycle of the virus it’s on you. Don’t blame anyone else, if you decide to go out and band together with friends because you are bored. When you catch it, just don’t go out and infect others. Stay home in isolation until it either kills you or your body fights it and you survive.
    But don’t blame others for your ignorance, because you think government’s going to stop this. It’s up to everyone pulling together to try and prevent this from spreading.

  18. Why on earth do you people think Thomad Miller is a Democrat? He’s attacking some strawmen who claim the virus is due to climate change. That seems like QAnon, not Pelosi.
    Not to mention the fact hes a science denier because he doesn’t understand what stopped the depletion of the ozone layer.

  19. like trump or not he is our only hope. the 2 dems are a communist and a senile old man. trump has done what i want in a potus.

  20. Georg, regarding your comment that taking gov money means you’re owned by the gov, could you apply that to the corporations taking gov money now, as well as the gov money they got in 2009.

  21. So NOW Corona virus is NOT a hoax put on by the media or the dems or somebody depending on the day of the week to embarrass the president.
    Good to know.
    So what about that Easter sunday thing where everything reopens and we go to church to share the kiss of peace and catch Liberty Flu? Isn’t that our patriotic duty, to protect Wall Street with our lives?

  22. It’s climate change.It’s climate change, Why don’t you knuckleheads get a new stick to whine about? I graduated from high SCHOOL in 1971 and the population explosion and another ice age was right around the corner.When that never materialized they went with global warming. Since that didn’t work out they have settled on climate change. Sometimes it’s hot sometimes it’s cold. This is what grandma called the WEATHER YOU MORONS!

  23. You got to be wary – getting money from the government is tantamount to being owned by the government. This is why the Dem Communists are so quick to throw money at everything. They want everyone indebted to government.

  24. That Dumb DemoRat is a hopeless case, I can’t believe a person can be that dumb, he’s dumber than dumb with his remark saying climate change is the cause of this Corona virus

  25. Climate change baloney! My theory is that it was Schummer’s, Pelosi’s and Biden’s deteriorating brain cells that finally exploded and infected the masses.

  26. for all we know , this is the nwo and deep state decreasing the worlds population like they talked about during the oboma years , well like all spending bills ,congress makes sure they get their cut of the money , every day you hear about more politicians making millions off the virus , anyone profiting right now should go straight to prison , it ain’t bad enough they are the ones crashing the stock market , they are also killing jobs and the economy , even if you get 1,200 dollars how long will that last you with todays cost of living , and like bush did when he gave you a few bucks at the end of the year you had to pay taxes on it , i don’t buy it , the democrats were looking for anything tto save them in 2020 , and like all the other phony attemps to ruin trump , this virus will be here till november ,and the election is over

  27. “This coronavirus was caused by climate change and Trump has made climate change worse since he’s been in office”
    OK Mr. concerned Democrat, you obviously think you have all the answers. Suppose you just lay it out for all of us ignorant people. Exactly what is mankind doing that would serve to increase the average temperature of the planet over time? Make sure your claims agree with the well-established laws of thermodynamics.

  28. Look at the commemts made by the democrats to see why I’m no longer one. Always blaming others for what they are guilty of themselves. There answer to the virus is to release criminals while taking away our guns. If caught outside, you better be taking a crap, otherwise get back inside your home. Oh and we can’t forget the big raise they demanded in the cares act. You can thank them for the lack of funds available to actually help fight it and increase medical supplies. They think PBS and museums were more important. Smh

  29. Concerned Democrat = oxymoron
    If Democrats are so concerned, why don’t they clean up their own party? Don’t you think there might be a problem when one of your leading candidates is a communist?

  30. Anybody who disrespects our great military is not worthy of leading this country and oh, who did that? Oh yeah, Donald Trump called John McCain a LOSER! John McCain was tortured for six years for being a GREAT AMERICAN! And our cowardly, lying sack of dung President called him a LOSER! Mark my words, history and God will judge me, you and especially this terrible, terrible ‘President’! Have A Great Day!

  31. Sounds like Concerned Rat is a DUMBRAT!!! Ibet he worships Quid Pro Joe the old Demented one as well as Al Gore in his Mansion that needs it’s own Powerplant and NONE of it is ecofriendly!! I thought Florida was supposed to have been underwater by now!! Gullible people believe anything!!! They are the ones that buy bridges that Al Gore sells!!!

  32. Concerned Democrat, you are as crazy as Biden is. The so-called climate change has nothing to do with this virus it was made in a lab in Wuhan china got lose and started killing people and these people have traveled everywhere spreading it and they still have people dying in china they just quit testing they have so many people over there that they don’t care if they lose a hundred thousand people unlike Trump who loves this nation and is doing everything he can to help her people so concerned you need to be quiet and go crawl back in your hole

  33. Concerned Democrat, the only bigots and racists I have known, growing up in the South have been Democrat’s! I am now 77 years old, living in New England, and Trump is one of the best presidents I have ever seen. I have been an Independent voter ever since I’ve had the privilege to vote. I’ve voted for both democratic and republican candidates, whoever I thought might do the best job for America. True, Trump has his flaws, but since he has been president this country has been doing better economically than I have seen it in a long time, until this virus outbreak. Which, by the way, came from China, and was worsened by the Chinese government’s cover-ups. I was not for candidate Trump, but now I think Trump is one of the best presidents I have seen.

  34. Hey concerned commiecrat. You say that Trump needs replaced. With whom? A senile old retard like joe? That’s all that you losers have.

  35. All you Trump supporters are bigots and racists. All you do is cut people down and call them names if you don’t like what they say, just like your cult president.
    This country will never be great until your president is replaced, and the democrats are put back in charge, as they should always be. Every time the republicans steel the elections they wreck everything.

  36. Trump Blame Game…Concerned rat you better call your doctor and see why your brain hasn’t fully developed, that could be a problem for your children if your supervising any. Restore peace and tranquillity by getting rid of Pelosi and Rat Schumer that would be the start of fixing a broken nation…Trouble makers never win in the end!!!

  37. Are you serious, you are so ignorant, uninformed and just plain old stupid. Just like a typical DEMOCRAT…pushes BS and expect someone with a “BRAIN” to believe them. Get educated before you speak, it only shows how pathetic you truly are.
    “This corona virus was caused by climate change and Trump has made climate change worse since he’s been in office. If you want to blame someone blame Trump.
    And if you want this crisis to end vote democrat in November.
    Restore peace and tranquility to this broken racist nation.

  38. I just wonder if these fool who claimed climate change was the reason for this virus! How much do they know about science? I can bet they fail it in school. No! It was form by a scientist in China! He even died from it! So stop putting your sick thought on here!

  39. CONCERNED DEM- This Virus was caused by China NOT CLIMATE CHANGE OMG-You guys wanna blame Trump for everything. Everybody needs to ban together not point fingers and blame. This country is what it is because of GOOD people not people who are so negative and want it to be someone else’s fault. This country was doing GREAT before this and No one gave President Trump credit. At least he puts America first..Thank you President Trump

  40. This corona virus was caused by climate change and Trump has made climate change worse since he’s been in office. If you want to blame someone blame Trump.
    And if you want this crisis to end vote democrat in November.
    Restore peace and tranquility to this broken racist nation.

  41. Don’t go slamming the military. They know what the hell their doing and taking EVERY NECESSARY PRECAUTION, unlike civilian entities. So take a chill pill and unless you know and have been in/around the military – kindly keep your opinions to yourself.

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