You’ll be sick when you find out which RINO traitor sold out Trump on the wall

Donald Trump isn’t just fighting the Democrats on building the wall.

He’s facing sabotage from within.

And you’ll be sick when you find out which RINO traitor sold out Trump on the wall.

The Republicans controlled both houses of Congress in 2017 and 2018.

During that time, Donald Trump repeatedly threatened to pick a fight over the border wall every time a government funding bill came up.

But each time Speaker Paul Ryan convinced him a government shutdown wouldn’t help anyone and that the next deadline would be when the GOP finally funded the wall.

However, as Trump noted, tomorrow never came.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Well, I was going to veto the omnibus bill and Paul told me in the strongest of language, ‘Please don’t do that, we’ll get you the wall.’ And I said, ‘I hope you mean that, because I don’t like this bill,’” the president recounted in an exclusive Wednesday interview with The Daily Caller.

“Paul told me in the strongest of terms that, ‘please sign this and if you sign this we will get you that wall.’ Which is desperately needed by our country. Humanitarian crisis, trafficking, drugs, you know, everything — people, criminals, gangs, so, you know, we need the wall.”

“And then he went lame duck,” Trump said.

“And once he went lame duck, it was just really an exercise in waving to people and the power was gone so I was very disappointed. I was very disappointed in Paul because the wall was so desperately needed. And I’ll get the wall.”

The simple fact is Paul Ryan was a pro-amnesty, pro-open borders RINO.

He punted the wall fight because he knew stalling for time would kick the can down the road past the midterm election.

And then Ryan raised the white flag of surrender and retired.

Now Trump is left facing a Democrat Congress that opposes the wall with everything they have.

This was Paul Ryan’s greatest betrayal.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. good for ryan, the so called wall is the biggest waste of taxpayer money ever!! by the way the only good republican is a RINO!!

  2. The Trump tax bill, that gave 83% of the benefits to the richest 1%, gave slight tax breaks THE FIRST YEAR to avoid middle and working class people they were “taken.” This year (for FY 2018) many are awakening to the fact their taxes are MORE (check yours out)! Check out this tweet:

    Despite my income and withholding staying the same, my refund decreased by about 66%. Who gained from the deficit exploding tax cut? Not the middle class! #taxscam #taxhike #taxhike2018 @realDonaldTrump @ChuckGrassley @SenJoniErnst @SteveKingIA

    11:47 AM – Jan 31, 2019

    • You sir are full of crap or just plain stupid… I’ve talked to hundreds of middle class people and they indicated that their bring home paid had increased by 10 to 15%. And yes they got less back at the end of the year only because they paid in less… It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure that out. Over all they seen an after tax take home pay of around 12%… Quit spreading lies… Spring is coming and I hope all you snowflake haters melt away.

      • Your exactly , and after watching and reading I am surprised that Trump trusted that Paul Ryan , I figured he was and still in a backstabbing a$$ , he probably even thinks Pelosi is cute . which makes him blind and crazy . I don’t understand , our country is finally back on course to be great thanks to you , Ryan is the worst of a lot of them , he acts like he is behind you untill he pulls the knife out and shows his true colors !

  3. Paul Ryan is a fool! It is hard for most of us to imagine how a clown like this ends up in any job, let alone one like he is in! The movement to remove him next time around starts today! When are the Republicans going to really recognize that our worst enemy lives right in our own Party? Wake up Republicans … this guy is a huge mistake!

  4. The Doltacrat party couldn’t have picked a better mascot The Jackass in which it’s members Nancy Pelosi and company suck Donkey Dick.

    • That Betty bitch wants totally open borders on our southern side without any scrutiny at all and tear down the exinstant border so more will come here. I just hope that she goes into a shopping mall like the one in San Bernardino and gets shot up by a bunch of Islamic Pigs that were here illegally.

  5. We can trash the worthless Ryan all we want but if Trump kept playing Charlie Brown to Ryan’s Lucy and let the POS keep pulling the ball away, then he’s too stupid to be in the WH!

  6. Sick but not surprised!!! If there had been more Republicans standing up instead of RINO’s we could have run Ryan out of the House. When you have a Republican controlled House and the majority of those Republicans are RINO’s you are fighting a loosing battle.

    • The Republicans didn’t have the guts to pass a bill for the border wall . . . that is the problem with RHINO’s like Paul Ryan, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Corey Gardner, etc., etc., etc. President Trump needs to use his executive power to get the border wall built. He certainly cannot depend on the Republicans and definitely not the Democrats who don’t care about border security.

      • If all the upset democrats and republicans could get together and dump their party’s and elect some people with integrity not affiliated with any political party we could turn our country into the place the true majority of our country wants, we would be the envy of the world. Then we could replace all the lying pandering politicians in all the party’s. Right now it looks as though there is no integrity with but a few of our elected representatives.

      • It could very well happen. We had an 11% increase in violent crimes committed by illegals in 2018. There were 100,000 assaults, 36,000 sexual assaults and 4000 murders committed by illegals last year, and from everything we have seen from the invaders, at the border, their are several hundred criminals with them. Maybe some of them will find their way to Betty’s house. I bet she even thinks Pelosi and Waters are sane.

  7. We are now dealing with what is called the Uni-Party. Both parties are one in the same. They have collectively sent all of our jobs to China and Mexico and Canada. They let us get killed on tariffs. They have recently given Mexico 10 billion dollars. They then gave NATO 160 billion dollars. They do not want a wall when most of these millionaires have a wall around their property. Folks WAKE UP!! we are being sold out!! Yellow vest time!!

  8. I knew for years Ryan was a RINO working for the Democrats. He’s married to a radical Democrat and only dated Democrat’s before he got married.

    • Hey Deb, I complained to my moderate Congressman a RINO, that if, Ryan didn’t get the wall built we’ll lose the house in 2018. He gave me the usual RINO BS and didn’t demand the wall be built. Too many RINOs in both houses that need to be voted out of office in 2020. Let’s keep that on top of our to do list for 2020.

  9. RINO Paul Ryan never supported President Trump. He’s always been a NWO globalist. Did anyone else notice that as soon as he accepted the Speaker position, he grew a full beard? I believe it was a message to ISIS that he had their back and not to worry. He’s a traitor to the American people and his oath of office to protect America and her Constitution.

  10. Paul Ryan was never a supporter of President Trump. He’s always been a NWO globalist. Did anyone else notice that as soon as he accepted the Speaker position, he grew a full beard? I believe it was a message to ISIS that he had their back and not to worry. He’s a traitor to the American people and his oath of office to protect America and her Constitution.

  11. It comes as no surprise about Ryan. He was always a weak sister and I was glad to see him go. I never trusted him, he was a sneaky bastard.He should be prosecuted but being a jerk isn’t a crime. I believe he may even switch parties before too long.

    • Paul Ryan & Jeff Flake “Weak”? Well, that’s certainly to be better then to be an INSANE IDIOT like CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump.

          • I agree, Ryan is a TRAITOR and i never liked him and i never trusted him.Betty has been brainwashed by the DEMONRATS….I have news for you Betty your not a true American if you believe everything the DEMONRATS say and do. The Republicans are “WE THE PEOPLE” the True Americans who care for our people, the homeless, our vets. Try using the money for them not the ILLEGALS they have no right to OUR MONEY. Wake up and smell the coffee Betty, you and the DEMONRATS!!!!!!!!

      • Well, we already have an AOC,
        so now it looks like we also have a B(etty)OC!

        So, BOC, just how is your Green New Deal going?

        Your Old Orange Deal isn’t getting much traction!

    • Always knew that Ryan was a piece of deep state caca. Fought against his being made speaker. There were good alternatives but the CofC wanted Ryan.


      • Give it up lady! Donald Trump is the ONLY President to actually FOLLOW THROUGH with his campaign promises for as long as I can remember!
        And by your asinine veiws, I’d bet you live nowhere near our southern border. When Hillary lost we all gained! You believe in open borders, use that to your advantage, RUN FOR IT AND DON’T LOOK BACK!

  13. You never know who the “swamp creatures” are until you have someone with guts and is not afraid who criticizes him and exposes them to the public whether they’re in your party or the other. GOOD JOB PRESIDENT TRUMP, AND BUILD THE WALL !!!

  14. Paul Ryan is far more than a liar; he is a deep-state globalist which means he is a traitor to American sovereignty. Will he and all the other deep-state traitors ever be brought to justice?

    • SHUT THE DAM GOVERNMENT DOWN AND KEEP IT keep it down until you get The text payers money for the wall that we want built not the Democrats they’re not incharge the people who Elected you the The American people…

      • The real solution when this happens is not to shut the government down but to put congress off with no pay and a penalty of one month for every day they are off until they vote to come back and make a decision. They need the responsibility put back on them, if they stay off for more than 2 weeks it would require an automatic election for all of in 6 weeks after they return.

  15. Trump exposed Paul’s true color earlier. Big time.

    Trump exposed a lot of RINOs. That helped creating the much-needed wall becoming a reality. We the American people owe him a big thank you. I hope that Ann Coulter is wrong about him. Now we all know how difficult to get this wall. Very difficult.

    Trump 2020.

    • Tyree your mulatto whom stunk up the White House wasn’t an American citizen. I don’t care if Trump served or not. He’s far above the demashit party in accomplishments.

  16. When a person goes against whose very Own Word, that person is betraying HIMSELF/HERSELF! If a person could betrays whose very ownself, what is there left for anyone to believe?

  17. Post all of these Rinos so people can get them vote out an let AMERICANS no who the real traitors are an make them switch partys these anti American liberals TRUMP 2020.

      • “Post all the rhinos, so we can vote them out.”

        Please, PLEASE do just that.
        That way when our Democratic President takes office on Jan. 3, 2021, our party will also control both houses of Congress.

        • Old dog dick many of us will refuse to comply with a commiecrat president. No one will make us. There’s more of us than you think. Want to try us?

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