You’ll be speechless when you see how Pope Francis just attacked Donald Trump

Pope Francis refuses to give up being one of the chief critics of Donald Trump.

The Holy Father continued his attacks on the movement that propelled Trump to the White House.

And you’ll be speechless when you find out the line he just crossed.

Pope Francis continued to attack populist and conservative political movements across the globe.

Francis has long supported the open borders policies that boosted Donald Trump to power and led to the Brexit referendum in Europe.

As populist conservative forces gain strength in countries across Europe, Francis condemned them once again and defended globalist institutions.

Breitbart reports:

“The indispensable premise of the success of multilateral diplomacy is the good will and good faith of the interlocutors, the willingness to a fair and sincere confrontation and the willingness to accept the inevitable compromises that arise from the confrontation between the parties,” he said.

“Where even one of these elements fails, the search for unilateral solutions prevails and, ultimately, the overwhelming of the weaker by the stronger,” he said, and unfortunately, “we note that the same attitudes are still undermining the stability of the main international organizations.”

The pope went on to put forward his belief that globalist organizations are key to the maintenance of peace and international stability.

I consider it important that “even in the present time the will of a peaceful and constructive confrontation between the States does not fail,” he said, “even though it is evident that relations within the international community, and the multilateral system as a whole, are going through difficult times, with the re-emergence of nationalistic tendencies.”

Pope Francis is one of the leading spokesmen for the globalist agenda.

Barack Obama is gone. European leaders like Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, and Theresa May are either crippled politically or leaving office.

So it’s up to Francis to carry the torch for the open borders, pro-climate globalist agenda.

Many of his critics believe he should stick to preaching the Catholic faith instead of captaining like a left-wing political activist.

At a time of great turmoil in the Church, Francis’s hardcore left-wing activism will only create more tension.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story



  1. I guess either the POPE dosen’t have a BIBLE or at least doesn’t let it interfere with his policies!! I suggest he read it closer or have some one explain it to him particularly Daniel and Revelation where it teaches about the one world government brought on first by the FALSE PROPHET then his pal the Anti Christ!! It is FULL of warnings about taking the WORD of GOD LIGHTLY OR WITH LIBERAL INTERPRETATIONS such as ABORTION, HOMOSEXUALITY or GENDER MUTILATION which seems to be his pet projects to be in alignment with the DEMON RATS!! It’s refereed to as the FALLING AWAY FROM THE FAITH! Things are winding down faster than people want to believe! MARANATHA!!

    • The Catholic Church likes to say that Peter was the first Pope. If that were the case, lets read everything Peter wrote & taught in 1 Peter & 2 Peter. Nothing like what all the popes keep adding & changing. If popes are infalable, then why keep changing the church over the years. Let’s just keep to the teachings of Christ. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary is relatively new too. Many scriptures talk of Jesus being Mary’s first born too. Hence as the Bible says, Jesus had brothers. Pope Francis is foolish.

      • I to am sorry for the Catholic church. As this POPE should die & burn in HELL. As he’s no POPE. He’s a scum PARASITE that lives behind a 39 foot wall has a bullet proof car. Body guards with guns. Yet he doesn’t want us to be able to protect yourself. So I say. SCREW YOU POPE YOU phony p.o.s. I hope when you die. You will burn in HELL cause that’s where you belong. In HELL. YOU TRAITOR

    • “Many of his critics believe he should stick to preaching the Catholic faith instead of captaining like a left-wing political activist.” The pope needs to stick to religion and stay out of politics.

  2. The Pope should read the book THE VIRTUE OF NATIONALISM BY DR. YORAN HAZONY, in which he shows that Nationalism is not equal to Nazism, Unfortunately the Pope is a proponent of Globalism.. Pope Francis should make efforts in improving the moral conditions of the Church particularly in seriously correcting the sexual behavior , with children, across the Planet, of Priests, Bishops, etc

  3. The Holy Father is neither. He is a hypocrite and doing his best to ruin the Catholic church and is the only “holy” person the leftwing likes. No surprise.

    • The Pope is ignorant of the fact that he is setting up the rise of the anti-christ. Pope John Paul believed that the very next pope would be what he referred to as the anti-pope. He may have missed it by one pope. We had pope Benedict for a short time, but this pope is definitely anti-christ. He is not the anti-christ spoken of in Revelation, but he is definitely against Christian beliefs and teachings. He could be the worst pope since Pope Clement VII whose power-politicking with France, Spain, and Germany got Rome sacked.

  4. Remember “The Fruits of Vatican 2” Traditional Catholics were apposed to the changes. The Traditional Catholics were right! The Modernists were and still are wrong!

  5. Come 0n Betty/diane. Waiting for Your
    erudite educated Answer re 1000 yrs of Peace.
    Don’t be a chx ‘chicky’- let’s hear your

    • I agree. Church and state are separate here in the U.S. He should concentrate on his priests and caring for the church. We as catholics should not have been forced to pay for all the pedophilers.

      • He does.
        & ‘the WALL’ Is High & Fortified.
        Dress Code : White or Black ‘dress'(Ahem).
        Floor length. Gucci? scoochie?
        White or Black ‘collar’. Beenie hat.
        >Carry the ‘big stick’.__

  6. Catholics are weary of the Holy Fodder and his foolish talk. Take off the robes and run for office if that’s what you want to do. He’s irrelevant, and frankly, no one cares about his political views. He’s just another hypocrite

  7. Pope Francis,
    Stay out off politics! I am a practicing
    catholic all my life.This is uncalled for. The Church has enough problems right now. More prayer instead of politics. Stay out of politics. You do not understand what is going on in the USA….


    • this commie should be more concerned about what is going on in his own world. get your house in order you stupid twit .take a look at your self s,suppose to be a holey manyour a nothing .OLD VET

      • I agree, he needs to open his walls around the Vatican and take refugees in befor he tells everyone else too. Jesus wants us to help, but use wisfim, President TRUMP wants to bring them in legally and know who they are, it’s for our good to know those who Labor among us, we know there are bad people who come in our borders, even our people who watch our borders are asking for. Help to only let in those who want to come in legally. We don’t want lawlessness to take over.


  9. He is why I, although continue to attend catholic mass, will not give one more penny to the Catholic Church until he is gone. Don’t forget, the leaders of the Catholic Church, knowing exactly who he is, put him in this position. I encourage all of those who recognize what a disgrace this guy is to withhold any contributions to the church until he is gone and let those in charge know why you are doing so.

  10. Dear mr. pope
    You come from South America…why don’t you preach
    To those leaders to help the people,give them jobs, support
    The poor! instead of making your countrymen and women
    Trek to the USA to get everything free from people who work
    Hard all their lives. You should be ashamed! You are just
    Pushing a problem off onto American taxpayers instead of
    Solving the problem that exists in part because of you.
    So again shame on you!

    • I agree. The Pope can’t even control his priests and the rest of them from molesting our Children. He is not supposed to be political. Take care of what is in your realm.

    • I agree. This pedophile-enabler, progressive-globalist, political-activist has forgotten the admonition of Jesus: “render unto Caesar what is of Caesar and to God what is of God.” “Poop” Francis should be selling the vast stolen treasures of the Vatican to feed and house the poor, and not be involved in politics. He has no God-given moral authority to criticize our duly elected President.

    • Bwar har har, Jim O. looks like a ‘someone’
      gave him a ‘cuff, upside the head’. > Lika
      ‘stay in Line, papa’. (w/the Agenda) 0r Else.
      ( you go the same way as Your predecessors).
      hmm. should i tell ? 0R Should you READ
      The Vatican-Moscow-Washington Alliance.

  11. You call that disgrace the holy father. The only Holy Father is in heaven. His Son is sitting at his right hand. This thing they call a pope is a disgrace and an abomination to God’s creation.

    • You better believe it ! He’s a joke ! He can stay out of our problems and keep his mouth shut, you’d think with all the sexual problems they have he focus on HIS problems.

        • Betty, Perhaps you should consider relocating to live near Vatican City, if you are so dissatisfied with the improved economy with more jobs for citizens, lower taxes, greater military support in decades, the best POTUS with brains since Pres. Eisenhower. BTW, you could clean out your mouth with soap. Bye bye Betty!

    • Amen the Pope has enough problems within his own realm he needs to keep out of politic’s GOD bless AMERICA. One thing I do not see any other Country in the universe offering to take in these illegals only shoving them down the USA’S throat.

      • I believe the chapter you referenced is referring to the USA, not the Catholic church. It does reference the church when speaking of the 7 churches and how the Catholics have fallen out of God’s favor. However, it is my understanding and belief that the Great Babylon is the USA.

    • Yes, it says right there in the Bible, and Jesus repeated it many times–screw the rest of the world, people in the US of A are special, and they “shall buildeth a wall to keep out the Brown Peoples.” Luke 12:33-37.

      • Really? I mean Really? No one has said that. We are just saying he can’t even take care of the business he’s supposed to be in control of. And its NOT molesting our Children,

  12. Waiting for the Pope to take down those walls around Vatican City, Sell off all those priceless works of art and jewels and give it away to the unwashed hordes who will be like the locusts that devour all they come across and leave the fields barren. Needless to say, I won’t be attending on any Sunday soon nor will I be adding to the coffers.

  13. This so-called “pope” is just as much a criminal as george soros . You get the same NWO criminal agenda from both . This “pope” is the direct opposite of a real Pope like Urban II that started the crusades AGAINST islam , not tell his “flock” to suck up to it like this present prick ! Not to mention his total hypocrisy about being protected by a wall !

  14. Puck the fope. He’s nothing but a globalist NWO tool and an imp of satan. He might even be the last fope before the False Prophet.

    • I must say that he upsets me too; put married ‘safe good priests back on their duty’ and MIND YOUR business. He has no dclue about running anation, he is not doing a good job in his own position, so how dare he try to run our country?This pope puts his 2 cents into things he has no understanding of and I dislike him bashing my president. Get over it and do your job of making our church strong…you are failing and many bishops who are not gay, agree.

  15. My Pastor, a saintly priest is a good example of most priests – except he’s a Republican. He wrote a note in last Sunday’s bulletin that I wish I could post here. For brevity, here’s a key part:

    “Only two books are required for study and research, the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Any thought or statement in dispute with the unchanging and unchangeable truth of the Catholic Church is false – even if the statements come from a successor of the Apostles, a bishop, or even a temporary Bishop of Rome.

    He’s pissed too. Whether you agree with Catholic doctrine or not, you have to respect that there are solid priests out there who will stand up to heresy.

    • The Pope has divested his leadership of the Catholic Church to become political. He forgets the wall that surrounds the Vatican. He has been instrumental in coverups of Sexual abuse within the Diocese.

    • of course . He loves to have all the drugs, gang members, killers and all the other criminals living with him. He better check his gold candle holders often.

  16. ~ This is not a Wholly Man ~ This is a Evil puppet of Satan the Vacatican should remove this Poop because he is Not a Pope but the tonge of a evil serpent.~

    • I am a catholic educated in a Catholic School run by Dominican Friars. In my time, that college was run by priests from Spain who were very wary of the Jesuits. Now we have this Jesuit as our ‘Pope’ and I am not surprised at all of his liberal agenda.

    • It is so unfortunate that a growing number of anti-Americans have come to disdain the idea of a Constitutional democratic republic. But then, what sholuld we expect when our schools have abrogated their responsibilities of actually teaching Civics.

      • The school children are not longer being taught history, geography and they can’t write in cursive. They are being dumbed down so that everyone can be on the same level. So unfortunate. Also, they are mind controlled by their lib teacher.

      • David Umbly, Very good statement! Education in the US schools is greatly lacking. We need teachers who are committed to teaching and producing educated, well-rounded students in all subjects–esp. how to read well and comprehend truth from falsehoods. Learning is a lifelong process. Teach all children to embrace this. Kill your TV. Read. Feed your brain positive material. Join a library and the world of knowledge is right there.

    • Who cares what this old communist thinks, he is just like all the rest of the swamp rats trys to use his religion to make the peons an surfs bow down to them, what is wrong with a guy who wants to be called “father” and wears a dress?

    • But before The Election of President Trump I bet you were all for the EC. The forefathers were very smart, if we had majority voting, the States of Calif., NY etc. would stuff the ballet box to the expense of the other states. Any more stupid suggestions?

    • why get rid of it. It has been around since our country began. OH, you are a democrat and don’t like that Clinton lost. I understand. If she had won then it would have been alright.
      There was a reason for the electoral college. It gave the smaller states with lower population an even chance with bigger states. OH you don’t care. she lost and that makes the college bad.

    • We are not a Democracy, but a Federal Constitutional Republic, which must give proportional representation to all States in Congress and in the Electoral College. The Senate is an equalizer to allow small States the same voice as large ones. Our Founding Fathers were wise in creating these ways to prevent a few large states and cities from abusing power. No one would want our President chosen by just the voters of New York, California, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

    • It’s embedded in our constitution, it would be next to impossible to eliminate plus you’re taking away powers from the states and would that be fair? It was never the popular vote that got elected and our founding fathers never intended that way

    • If you do away with the electoral college then you will have only a handful of states choosing the president. Our founders knew what they were doing.

  17. Rumor has it that they tried to arrest Francis back in June, for sex crimes against children, but the could not get past the “WALL” around the Vatican, and the security.


  19. The Vatican city has high walls and armed guards. Like all leftists he is a hypocrite. If he is indeed the last pope as mentioned he is the antichrist. He will receive a he’d wound that is fatal but will live. There are a few prophecies that mention this. There are dangerous times ahead and prophecies are not needed to see that. I am a Christian and as flawed as any human. But Jesus promised forgiveness and I believe that.

  20. a country loses you when remove God from it. Thank God for changing President Trump’s life. Many people that lost sight of God; lost their true vision. They have turned away from God. People likes to live under their assumptions, that all is good. All is not good. Pope can’t forgive sins. They are working for the devil, They are the devil’s advocate. How can they save you when they can’t save themselves. I’ve been saved and even if worry about the way our country for future generation. My family knows the right from wrong..This country need the true christians to continue to pray. we know we was praying for God to send us a leader. If you think God didn’t send Trump how do you think so many people voted for him despite all the rumors we had heard. The media and Dems against Trump, is fighting for the DEVIL. Prayers work. Continue praying. God can change things. I’m proud to be a Christian, a Republican, and a strong heart for our President Trump. God Bless President Trump and USA. AMEN.

    • Very will put, Robert and I too am a proud Christian and Republican. God bless America, President Trump and all Americans…

    • Very good insight, Robert. As a Christian, I would encourage prayer for the leading of the Holy Spirit and a return to the True Sabbath Day which is Saturday, not Sunday

    • Yawn. Hackneyed response.
      1 Corinthians 6:3-4 New International Version (NIV)
      3 Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life! 4 Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, do you ask for a ruling from those whose way of life is scorned in the church?

      New International Version (NIV)

  21. I think what most of are upset about is the lies and half-truths being spread by the media about the Church. The media is grouping pedophilia, corporeal punishment and homosexuality into an allegation of pedophilia. The occurrence of pedophilia is the lowest by a wide margin than any other church or adult group. Even family members and school teachers have a higher incidence of this crime.

    What the press is calling cover-up is not the cover ups of crimes but of illicit and scandalous liaisons of homosexual priests and young adults. What he Church did was to send them to treatment for their homosexual perversion on the advice that they could be cured by the medical community. When they were declared cured by the doctors they were put back into ministry. Hindsight tells us the foolishness of this approach and the Church has not done this in decades. The Church has since purged itself of predatory homosexuals. Some of these who were treated did commit crimes later but no one that I can find was a pedophile that was returned to ministry. All of them were prosecuted by the civil authorities and lacitized by the Church. Pedophilia was not covered-up. The reason the civil authorities did not prosecute the priests that went to treatment is because no law was broken.

    Much of the abuse being talked about is corporeal abuse (spanking) done by caregivers in Church run reform schools. In the past spanking was not a crime. I was spanked in public schools and I was not a problem child like the children in the reform schools. I am not saying this was right but that it was part of the culture 30 to 60 years ago. Back then if I got spanked at school I got an even greater spanking at home.

    Then there is the problem of the press reporting this alleged abuse as if it is current within the Church when it actually occurred 30 to 60 years ago. The alleged perpetrators are often dead when these allegations are made. Usually they come forward after being enticed by attorneys doing these class action suits to make allegations on the promise of great financial gain. As a result less than 10% of the allegations have any merit and almost none of them have a living alleged perpetrator who can defend the claims against him.

    Anyone sexually abusing children should be punished with the full weight of the law and of the Church. All victims should receive restitution. Everything should be done to ensure that children are safe in Church. The record shows that Pope Benedict has done everything possible for this end. The Church now is probably the safest place for children, even safer than their own homes. There are very few merited accusations against the Church in the last decade. My concern is that the focus on the scandal in the Church decades ago is diverting the attention from the fact that pedophilia and other sexual abuse is rampant and of epidemic proportions in secular world among teachers, scout masters, step-fathers and fathers and unfortunately extremely common in the Protestant sects. To these groups the Catholic Church is a shining example of how to deal with this problem and make all churches safer places for children like the Catholic Church has done. God bless!

    In Christ
    Fr. Joseph

    • Father, you have researched and presented as fact what I have felt to be true, in my heart. The greatest issue being sexual abuse by church groups. Over the years, I have noted the report of isolated incidents, leading me to believe that light needs to be shined on the workings of other churches rather than just on the Catholic church, Thank you, father.


  22. I don’t know why people call him Holy Father, he was put in place by ma not God The only Holy Father I have is God in Heaven. There is noting special about this man except that he proclaims to be God on Earth. He cannot forgive sins. The only man that could forgive sin, here on earth, was Christ. To me he is one of the many Anti-Christs that are here on earth that we were warned about in the Bible. This man the same as others before him will end up condemning a lot of people at the time of Judgement. Go back and check Catholic history and find out where the 1st Pope originated from.

    • Agree 100%. This man lives in luxury, in his own country with very high and sturdy wall and protects pedophiles. He just shut up and go off to lis luxurious digs to count his beads. He comes from an institution that persecuted Jews and whose members used to sell tickets to heaven. Nit to mention falsely accusing people of witchcraft so they could take over their lands and wealth. Just like the Democrats are trying to do to Trump and Americans who elected him. Trying Trump on a kangaroo court hoping they’ll find something to impeach him and working to take away our first, second, and fourth amendment rights.

      • I totally agree. The Pope needs to mind his own business & stay behind his huge wall and let We The People alone, we elected Trump & don’t want to see him impeached & we do believe that we need the wall.

    • Authority of the Pope

      (John the Baptist) The church is the body of Jesus and Jesus is the head of the body. The pope has no authority over the church, only Jesus has that authority. If the pope did have authority then he has to follow what Jesus says not what he wants. Listening to all the things the pope is saying, it seems the pope is moving away from the truths in the Bible and away from Jesus.

      Colossians 1:15
      He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. 17And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist. 18And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the preeminence.

      (Cristoiglesia) Let us look at what the whole body of Scriptures says instead of using an eisegetical approach to understanding as you have done. The Bible teaches us that Jesus is the high priest, St. Peter is the prime minister and the twelve disciples are the foundation stones of the Church. Unlike what you claim without citing a single example, papal teaching has never contradicted anything that our Lord has taught but instead has confirmed His teaching and proclaimed it to the world. Nothing in the Scriptures you provided denies the authority that Jesus gave to St. Peter and His successors as prophesied by Isaiah in fulfilling the Scriptures. The Church is given all authority on earth by Jesus and St. Peter and His successors are the prime ministers. In the late first century after the founding of the Church at Pentecost St. Ignatius the third bishop of St. Peters bishopric at Antioch defined the Church as it was understood in the apostolic times as those who gather around the bishops saying, “where the bishops is there is the Church” (Letter to the Smyrnaeans). Without the Pope and the other bishops there is no Church as the visible and invisible Church are those who are obedient and faithful to the bishop. The Pope is the visible head of the Church serving as the servant of servants.

      Jesus gave the authority to St. Peter saying to him with the witness of the other disciples:

      Matthew 16:13-19 (King James Version)
      13When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?
      14And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets.
      15He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?
      16And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.
      17And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.
      18And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
      19And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

      In using the construction vernacular Jesus was speaking of building His Church and giving the authority, represented by the keys, to St. Peter. In doing so He fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah of the Messiah appointing an earthly prime minister of the Church and establishing the enduring office of prime minister that would endure for all times.

      (John the Baptist) Jesus says He is the head of the church not the pope.

      (Cristoiglesia) As you can clearly see, Jesus being the high priest does not detract from the fact that Jesus with the authority of the High priest appointed St. Peter as His prime minister of His enduring Church on earth. We further understand from Scriptures that it is this Church under the leadership of the prime minister appointed by Jesus that contains those who are obedient and faithful to Christ’s desire that we be one in His Church.

      John 17:21 (King James Version)
      21That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

      God bless!

      In Christ
      Fr. Joseph

    • Oh I believe that Pope Frances, is going to shake and bake! That drop tuck and roll, isn’t going to help him where he’s going. and I believe a lot of people in that church will be in the same boat he’s in. Those people pray to every saint you can think of, particularly the Virgin Mary. They say the rosary, which you say 53 Hail Marys versus seven Lord’s prayer. Doesn’t that sound demonic in nature? Who would tell children to pray the rosary, as they claim the Virgin Mary did. I don’t believe the Virgin Mary would ever have said that, it was either Lucifer or one of his minions. Nowhere in holy Scripture does it say we should pray to Saints, and the Virgin Mary. the Catholic Church has elevated the Virgin Mary and the Saints with such awesome powers as they can hear everyone who prays to them 24 seven. Can you imagine how many people at any given time, prays the rosary. That has to be in the millions. I read an article in the newspaper a while back, that there was a movement in the church to make Mary a co-redeemer. They have dishonored her and the Saints by making them something they’re not. The Catholic Church broke its covenant with Jesus Christ many years ago. I suggest people should look up to 10 worst popes in history. I know the Catholic Church likes to whitewash over those facts. They like to interpret holy Scripture to suit their agenda,. These people in the hierarchy of the church, are no better than the Mormons, or the Muslims. The day will come when all will be revealed. Bless those who stand steadfast in their beliefs of holy Scripture!

    • So if the pope is as wicked as you make him out to be then what does that make ayatollahs, imams, and mullahs?


    • the catholics has been in war with Christians for centuries. They a long with the dems are fighting against Trump. Trump is working for us. Build the wall! I will continue to give money for border wall.Trump will not get a win from dems. I listened to the arguements. Trump was true. Dems stood their with straight face and lied, they said they wouldn’t give but a dollar and Pelosi wouldn’t even show up to meet with triple amputee after he came to meet wih her. Trump knows that if he gave in.They would again take the funding away. He will be sure the people are refunded full wages. pelosi and chuckie didn’t like Trump because he knew how they had played the Americans. I hope checks and balances goes for watching what the democrats does with money if they ever get a bill passed. I’m for giving more to Americans than people who gives Americans heart aches, great lost of loved ones. The dems wants to make illegal slaves. As well as people that is not in their pay roll. As long as Highest offices were held by democrats they had great times. The only thing they seem able to do is act like robots, skim money off govern funds, take bribes. All democrats comes out richer than their paychecks. Another observation: Nancy & Chuckie reminded me of the the GOTHIC PAINTING. Its kind of funny, they could not show any emotion, just mouth moving like a dummy. These are people voters took pleasure in putting in charge of Americans money. Trump is great! MAGA.


  23. I’m a 68 yr old life long catholic. This puppet of a pope forgets about us as a whole.
    I intend to stop giving money to the pope’s yearly Fundraiser.
    If the pope doesn’t respect our country, our president & our liberties, well I suggest to vote with your wallet& give to other charities. I’m still a catholic but don’t follow the pope. God Bless you all.

    • Likewise here. The Cathoic church=h is enough trouble already and then they elect a Pope like this? Maybe hi is the Last Pope. He shoujld be concentrating on all the Christians that are being tortured and murdered by muslims, but he turns blind eye to all that and picks on the President of the United Sates. Maybe the Pope should lead by example and tear down the walls surrounding the Vatican.

    • I am Catholic and anything that this Pope states regarding politics is absolutely ridiculous. He is the Holy Father in matter of faith and morals and what he is intentionally preaching has nothing to do with the spiritual world.

  24. Popey is going to be the downfall of the catholic church as we know it today. He should do the job he was hired to do, lead the church and members. Really makes you wonder if the whole resignation thing was phony and the real intent was to put this man in place….a false pope. Just wondering.

    • Amen to that!!!! This is the WORST Pope the Catholics have ever, ever had!!!!! WHAT right does he have to speak politically about anything our AMERICA does? Most especially, our POTUS!!!!! He should be far more concerned about his “priests” sexually abusing for years past – and even now – young children – both here and abroad!

    • Mine too. He should stick to getting rid of all the pervert priests. I don’t think his word is anything but hypocritical.

  25. The FAGGOT in the Vatican should be the first person to REPENT and to do something about the tens of thousands of FAGGOT priests in his priesthood throughout the world that have molested children for decades and stop putting his unwelcomed nose in everyone’s business but his own sick religious order. The FIRST Serbian Orthodox Church was built in the Gold Country of California in 1897…NOT ONCE IN OVER A HUNDRED YEARS HAS THE AMERICAN PUBLIC READ IN THEIR NEWSPAPERS THAT A CHILD WAS MOLESTED BY A SERBIAN PRIEST…When this pope became a priest in Argentina in the 1950s president Juan Peron, a Nazi, issued “34,000 visas to Croatian War Criminals” including “970 Croatian Catholic priests who murdered 700,000 Serbians, 60,000 Jews and 35,000 Roma then fled through the “Vatican Ratline” for Argentina where they escaped justice” My book Jasenovac Then & Now: A Conspiracy of Silence is a best seller in its 3rd edition…I write about these 970 Croatian Catholic priests who were some of the biggest monsters during WWII, even the NaziSS thought they has lost touch with reality…This pope was a bishop in Argentina when Juan Peron made 45,000 citizens disappear…as this immoral Bastard managed to look the other way as the church distributed the orphaned children to new parents without ever disclosing their origins…This immoral pope needs to preach to himself about WALLs when the Vatican is surrounded by the largest enclosed wall in Italy. As far as I am concerned this immoral Asshole can shove his ideas right up his Corrupt FAGGOT ASS…the Catholic Church makes a mockery of everything Christianity is all about.

    • I could not possibly agree more with any and all of your eloquent and TRUE statement!!!!! What a total hypocrite this “Pope” is!!!!

  26. This pope is a brainless puppet, using the name of God for his own personal gain and his thugs at the Vatican as well, it looks the way he conduct himself, he is on the payroll of the Iranian Government always willing and ready to backstab America and Israel. no doubt he is a putrid pope.

    • This pope is a Deep State globalist & Satanist. In this picture above he is sporting a black eye, which seems to be symbolic of Satanists, though I don’t remember why.

  27. He is more of an anti-Christ than anything else. He better read the Bible where it predicts about the one world government at the end. That is what the globalist are pushing for.

  28. Have any of you noticed, that alot of people that do not even live America are constantly on these sights getting involved in taking Trump down from all over the world? Why are they all sticking their noses I’m our bussiness? Is there something to loose for them? It’s mind boggling to say the least, because I could careless what goes on in their country. Umm maybe the “Globalist” you think, you know the ones that want to take over our country, and the Democrats want to sell underneath our feet?

    • NOTHING the DUMBORATS in this country would surprise me!!!!! You better believe there is blood money behind all of this!

    • It is the radical communist and fanatic Islamist “nationalist” ideologies that prevent fair and compromising confrontations. Not the conservative nationalist parties of western democracies, who seek humanitarian liberty, constrained government and corporations, fair and balanced “trade” and the right to private religious beliefs and expression. And the right not to be forced to partcipate in or accept those beliefs and expressions that call for totalitarian subserviance to a political or religious doctrine that seeks global conquest at the expense of individual freedoms and rights.

  29. I agree! GOD chose Isael and the Jewish people as his and all of this was established in the old Testament! The Romans tried JESUS and beat him,placed a Crown of thorns on his head,made Him carry His Cross after being beaten through the night,nailed Him to the Cross and Crucified Him! Now what can the Pope say about all his pediphile priest and siding with the Muslims,Obama’s doing,and the lying still goes on! Give me JESUS and GOD no one else AMEN 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  30. Thus speaketh the Pope of Nope. This Pope’s doctrine is that “man has no right to exist for his own sake, that his life and his work do not belong to him, but belongs to society, that the only justification of his existence is his service to a one world society, and that society may dispose of him in any way it pleases for the sake of whatever it deems to be its own tribal, collective good.” Even Ayn Rand has noted this.

  31. Stephen, he knows he doesn’t represent God. If he’s truly a Catholic he knows he’s leading people straight to hell. I believe he is an agent of Satan here to sow more hate.

  32. The holy see has no business sticking his nose into United States politics. G-d did not ordain him for this task. He has enough to do to resolve the pedafelia rampant within the faith and should concentrate all his effort to resolve this issue and stay out of our politics!

    • The Pope has no right to comment on Any political situation, aside from his private state called the Vatican. I’m a Catholic who is disgusted with this Man. I do not believe it is God who is speaking to him. From day one, I’ve been skeptical of him and his motives. Why is Bennedict kept on Vatican grounds but never heard from? Why is Francis so obsessed with the people of his original homeland invading the U.S.? I believe he should put his money where his mouth is, so to speak. Tear down the walls around Vatican City and his personal living quarters. Bring these migrants to His front door. Oh wait! A door is a barrier. Remove those also as well as window panes.

    • I agree with you 100%. Pull the wall down around the Vatican and get rid of the bulllit proof popemobile if the world is so dandy.

  33. When Pope Benedict XVI resigned I was shocked, I had never heard of a Pope ever resigning,the last one was 598 years. Then this disgrace takes his place, there is more behind this, I wonder how long it’s going to take before it comes out.

    • To have been a fly on the wall for that conversation! I would surmise that Pope Benedict XVI chose retirement over death. That seems to be the choice when a Coupe is in progress.

    • It will never come out. I agree about Bennedict. I was shocked that he was being removed as Pope, and feel he was forced to resign.

  34. First I would more likely listen to what he says if he will first remove the walls from his church settings and opens up the hidden rooms which house a tremendous wealth and gives that wealth to anyone who comes across the property grounds from anywhere. Then he will have shown he believes in what comes out of his mouth. Otherwise just shut up and continue to milk your flock.

    • This Pope has done more damage to the Catholic church than any other in several hundred years. Catholic churches are closing in many countries especially Italy, due to the inability to recruit men into the preisthood.
      Every week there is new stories of sexual scandals in Catholic churches. Before getting involed in our country he needs to take control of the job he was elected to.

  35. His Holiness should do what all the so-called elites in hollyweird should do. Stick to what you know and stay out of politics…

    • Being Catholic…I’d like to figure out what he does know? He must not know much about his own religion though. I graduated from a Jesuit school and I think most of them are wondering where this guy is coming from!

  36. I’m a strong Catholic but the Pope should stay out of America’s issues about Trump building the Wall. When the Popes orders his military guards to dismantle the Wall around the Vatican then he can share his thoughts on the American Wall but we’ll still build it to keep out rapist, murderers, drugs, drug dealers, and thousands of criminals. Please mind your own business Pope Francis and tear your Wall down around the Vatican

  37. The Globalist movement includes open and free abortion of human lives at any age in the womb. It also includes euthanasia “to save precious, limited resources”. This is not Christian.

    • No, is is not, Jerry. And the pope supports it. He is influential in millions of Catholics lives and is leading them straight to hell if they don’t see the truth. How can ANYONE support someone who leads them far away from GOD’S LAWS???

  38. I personally could care less about what the Pope thinks. When he tears down his walls then maybe he has a right to stick his bill in America’s business. Until then keep your opinions to yourself.

    • With all the problems that the Catholic church has, that is the last item that I would worry about. Oh by the way, was not it the Catholic church that refused to recognize the plight of the Jewish people during WW11? Clean up your own problems first before correcting others and do not cast the first stone. MAGA RVN 68-69

      • Bruce, if you REALY go back and study history you’ll find that the Catholic church has ALWAYS been involved in crimes against human beings…TERRIBLE, HORRIFIC CRIMES. The RULERS have always been ruthless but hid behind a veil of secrecy and invisibility to all of anyone outside their secret chambers.

    • Agreed, Brat23. He has NO RIGHT TO DICTATE TO ANY COUNTRY ABOUT HOW TO RUN THEIR POLITICS. Talk about being POMPOUS!!! Like I said earlier…he raises himself above GOD. SHAME ON HIM!!!

      • To me he is not the Pope but a puppet for whatever group got Obama into the White House. Hmmm, I wonder who that could have been – maybe George Soros. Just a wild guess.

        • I like this! I think the Pope is out of line, telling other countries to take in people we know nothing about. Are the Italians taking in people from other countries? Maybe for a visit, but not for permanent status. I never like this Pope. Has he colluded with the Clintons? That’s the latest story out. And what happened to the previous Pope? He didn’t die. I thought Popes replaced dead Popes. I never liked this Pope’s criticisms of the U.S. I think the U.S. is GREAT! Anyway, if he has a computer and can read English, he’s going to have a lot of reading to do. The list of complaints relating to him is huge!

  39. The Pope’s Catholic church claims he has God’s authority behind whatever he says and does, but I don’t believe it. The Bible is the only reliable indicator of God’s will that is open to all today and till the end. The Pope does not square up with the Bible. Read the book of Romans in the new Testament for one example of God’s word, the last word, on rulers and government. It says all rulers, (including Trump) are chosen by God, and people who oppose rulers are opposing God. We may disagree, but active opposition, fighting against rulers, is evil. You may argue that bad rulers are exempt, but God chose even the bad ones for a reason. I don’t believe Trump is a bad one, but we have little understanding of God’s reasons and because of this we can’t assume that when God does something we don’t agree with it’s wrong and we must deny it. God is always right and good.

      • Gail, God bless you! I am with you all the way. I believe in our Lord, and his son Jesus. But I do not believe in the puppet.

    • Ruth Lawler here. If you’re short on time, the relevant chapter in Romans to the above comment is Romans 13. Fighting wars against people like Hitler is not wrong or evil, but it involves a long discussion which doesn’t fit in a comment However, it would be a great topic to pursue on your own or with friends.

    • Sorry Ruth, but the Catholic church does NOT claim whatever the Pope says goes! Only when it has to do with the word of God, given to us by Jesus!

    • The pope needs to read the 10TH CHAPTER OF PROVERBS, if he bothers to read the Bible at all. It is SIN for him to slander anyone and there is punishment for it, especially since he is a so called leader of the Catholics. As a so called leader of the Catholic faith he is totally wrong to be speaking out about our president or ANYONE. Good leaders keep silent. This in not his country and NO ONE in our country cares what he thinks. He is making a big FOOL of himself and his religion.

  40. Good thing I am a Protestant and free to say “Pope Francis go screw yourself”. I know many Catholic Friends who feel the same way. The hypocrisy of his position is obvious since the Vatican is a City/State within the Italian State and does not answer to the Italian Government. The Vatican is also very “Nationalistic” and does not have an open border and has it’s own Security Force. I sincerely doubt the Pope will reverse himself anytime soon since he is under the delusion that He represents God.

  41. The Pontiff and the Roman Catholic Church has become too politically involved and pathetically LIBERAL!! Catholicism is no longer what the Catholic Church use to preach when I grew it and admired in the 1950s. My dear mother and her mother were devout Catholics. I have witnessed drastic changes the Catholic Church evolved to and it’s followers in a span of a mere sixty plus years, Christianity I once knew, looked upon to and was accustomed to……

  42. Instead of paying real close attention and, not a blind-eye to your flock of pervert-priests .. Pope Francis, you shouldn’t be meddling on affairs that do not concern you. And, please, STOP BEING A HYPOCRITE. You ought to know better than to use GOD’s name in vain. And this, because it so appears that you are most “conveniently” using your Pontiff’s position in order to gain popularity. I thought that you understood that a “good Christian” also has an obligation to respect our society’s Laws. So – first – why don’t you just try preaching of such truth to the whole World .. Pope Francis ?. And, by the way, Pope Francis .. how tall are those your walls surrounding the Vatican ?. Can any one enter into the Vatican City without permission ?

  43. I believe that the NWO IS LIKE THE TOWER OF BABEL when God scattered the people to different lands and different tongues. I believe that to be the will of God and Francis should stay out of the political arena and tend to the souls HIS FLOCK AND THE UPHEVIL IN THE CURCH

    • He is a part of the Anti Christ. He will work to bring all countries to that NWO and then it will be Katie bar the door. It will be the beginning of the end for this world and all that is in it.

      • And another point Pat is that once the NWO becomes a reality guess where the pope will be…STILL HIDING IN THE FORTRESS OF THE VATICAN, commanding his ‘flock’ to go out and kill all that do not follow.

  44. This comes from a person who has lived nearly his entire life behind walls of some kind. Now he lives, protected 100% by some of the best security on the planet, in a WALLED IN CITY! He wants for nothing, doesn’t even dress himself, leads a life of pompous elegance that no one else on this planet lives, not even the selfish, ‘elitest’ celebrities in Hollyweird. He rarely steps out of his comfort zone. I have ZERO respect for him because he goes against the Bible with everything he believes in. NOW he has endorced abortion. He is a globalist, believing in ‘open borders’ allowing murderers, rapists, child molesters & baby killers to come in to the rest of the world is just fine by a pope who REFUSES to even discuss the RAMPANT SIN that he promotes within his own boundaries and NO ONE, NO ONE, that has ANY ‘issue’ with any of his policies are allowed anywhere near him. He believes he is better than JESUS CHRIST, THEREFORE GOD HIMSELF!!!

  45. I am a practicing Catholic. I love Catholicism, and it’s the ONLY church for me, but DAMN, your Holiness, with all due respect, maybe if you paid a little more attention to what is happening INSIDE the church, instead of criticizing the way world leaders protect their citizens, there wouldn’t be so many sexual abuse problems in your own back yard! Just saying! (God forgive me!)

    • Jack, you have the right to doubt the pope’s actions. God is NOT going to punish you for that. One question EVERY believer in GOD should ask when leaders say and do things in their teaching of their flock is ask the question: is this REALLY God’s requests or teaching? Because if someone teaches you something that is dangerous or harmful to you, your loved ones, people you know AND DON’T KNOW, IS THAT REALLY WHAT GOD TEACHES IN HIS WORD??? Think about it.

  46. The Pope is entitled to his views – and he is the head of the universal Catholic Church which nominally represents some 1.3 billion people. He leads Catholics around the world. He does not need to support Trump or other populatists or the right-wing agenda. Instead he espouses Jesus’ consistent message of love, compassion and forgiveness. Whether one agrees or not with the Pope’s message, it is up to each person to decide. The Pope may cause people to think – and there is nothing wrong with thinking. There is no reason to condemn the Pope for holding views that conflict with the right-wing agenda or the views of Trump supporters who want to see Trump re-elected.

  47. Oh God! The Pope Francis of Vatican has no authority,jurisdiction to dictate what’s our USA policy.” Render unto Caesar what is to Caesar.To God what is to God!”

  48. Since the Pope feels there should be an open boarder everywhere, why doesn’t he tear down the walls surrounding the Vatican, dismiss his army and take all the locks off the doors of the facility. Then we might consider doing as he things is Gods will.


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