You’ll be speechless when you see what Joe Biden did to this young girl

Joe Biden has a major problem.

Biden cannot keep his hands to himself.

And you’ll be speechless when you see what Joe Biden did to this young girl.

When Joe Biden announced he was running for President, women began coming forward with stories about how he made them uncomfortable with unwanted kisses and hugs.

Former staffer Tara Reade credibly accused Biden of digitally raping her by penetrating her with his fingers when she worked for him in 1993.

These stories – as well as videos of Biden putting his hands all over young girls and sniffing their hair – earned him the nickname “Creepy Joe.”

Now another video just exploded on the internet of Joe Biden creeping out a small girl.

The video showed Biden sneaking up behind the girl and rubbing her shoulders while leaning in to whisper in her ear that she should not have a serious relationship until she was 30.

“Now, a very important thing I told my daughters and granddaughters: ‘No serious guys until you’re 30,’” Biden stated.

Since the visibly uncomfortable girl just wanted the strange old man to get his hands off her and go away, she nervously laughed and agreed with Biden in hopes that would end his caressing her.

“Okay,” the girl told Biden. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Conservative pundits in the media would start to take notice of the fact that Biden is a borderline predator with the way he touches and sniffs young girls.

Biden’s interactions with small children can be unsettling to watch.

It’s not normal to put your hands on other people’s daughters and smell their hair.

But Biden cannot help himself.

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