You’ll be speechless when you see who Mike Pence said is funding the migrant caravan

The migrant mob marching toward the U.S. border is turning in the hottest issue in the election.

A gang of 7,000 migrants is storming across Mexico to try and enter the United States.

How the mob formed was a mystery, but you’ll be speechless when you see who Mike Pence said is responsible for funding the mob.

At a forum for the Washington Post, Vice President Mike Pence revealed the President of Honduras told him that Venezuela funded and organized the mob.

Pence said the Honduran President told him Venezuela wanted to embarrass Trump before the election and challenge U.S. sovereignty.

So that nation – which is spiraling into an apocalyptic nightmare because they embraced Bernie Sanders-style socialism – paid the mob to march across Central America and to the United States.

You can watch video of his remarks below:

The media is trying to pretend this is a march of innocent refugees looking for a better life.

That’s a lie. It’s a left-wing mob whose only goal is to hurt Donald Trump politically.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.