You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you see where Joe Biden waved the white flag of surrender

Joe Biden picked a major fight that threatened to shred the Constitution.

Biden came out on the losing end.

And you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you see where Joe Biden waved the white flag of surrender.

In the wake of defeat at the Supreme Court, the Biden administration announced it would withdraw its federal vaccine mandate rule.

“The Vaccination and Testing ETS’s requirements, which are currently stayed, will no longer be in effect, and petitioners will no longer be subject—or face any risk of being subject—to the challenged requirements from which they sought relief,” the administration wrote in a motion filed in federal court.

Millions of Americans breathed a sigh of relief.

Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate was the biggest attempted power grab in American history.

The federal government has never before mandated that Americans must submit to a forced-vaccination scheme.

Had the Supreme Court allowed Biden’s scheme to proceed, it would have forced millions of Americans to choose between injecting a substance into their body that they may not want or need, or subjecting themselves to a costly and invasive testing regime.

The administration allowed employers to charge employees for the COVID tests, so rather than be faced with hundreds of dollars a month in expenses, Americans would be forced to take the vaccine.

In the end, the vaccine or test option was really no option.

It was either take the vaccine or lose your job.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court removed that fear from the minds of the public by correctly ruling that Joe Biden vastly overstepped his authority in proposing this totalitarian scheme.

Companies like Starbucks followed suit and withdrew their vaccine mandate in the wake of Biden’s defeat at the Supreme Court.

Americans’ bodily autonomy was at stake in this case.

If Joe Biden can force you to inject whatever he wants into your body, then this is no longer a free country.

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