Young Americans for Liberty Fighting for First Amendment on College Campuses

New stories come out every day of campus totalitarians shutting down the free speech of those they disagree with – namely conservatives, libertarians, or anyone who disagrees with their radical socialist beliefs.

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is fighting back by hosting activism events including a “free speech ball” where they inflate a giant beach ball and allow students to write whatever they’d like.

The YAL leaders then roll the ball around campus promoting the First Amendment and speaking out against so-call “free speech zones.”

Libertarian Reason TV sat down with Young Americans for Liberty Executive Director, Cliff Maloney to talk more about what they’re up to.

Young Americans for Liberty is a non-profit educational organization that promotes limited government and free markets on college campuses. You can read more about what they stand for here.

Watch the full Reason TV interview here.